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Grèce : Déclaration de Nikos et Pola (Lutte Révolutionnaire) pour Kostas B., antifa tabassé par la police

Nikos Maziotis et Pola Roupa, membres emprisonnés de Lutte Révolutionnaire ont publié une déclaration au sujet de Kostas B., un jeune antifasciste de 16 ans lourdement tabassé par la police grecque lors de la manifestation antifa qui a eu lieu en mémoire de … Continue reading

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Greece: Statement for Kostas B. from Pola Roupa & Nikos Maziotis, Imprisoned Members of Revolutionary Struggle

Received on 25.09.17: At dawn on 17/9, the 16-year-old Kostas B. was brutally beaten by police officers and arrived at the intensive care hospital KAT. The political leadership of the police, the Ministry of Public Order and the SYRIZA-ANEL government … Continue reading

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Greece: Responsibility claim for arson attacks against the homes of cops Ethimis Efthimiadis and Ilias Hajis

Lambros Foundas lives through our flames Responsibility claim for the attacks on the houses of cops Ethimis Efthimiadis and Ilias Hajis. On March 10th 2010, anarchist and member of Revolutionary Struggle Lambros Foundas is executed in Dafni during the expropriation … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: Attack against Securitas in the context of the Global Anarchist Urban Guerrilla

Bon Soir! On the evening of the 28th of February, six Securitas (private security company) vehicles were torched at Anhalter railway station. Securitas have been gaurding the entry to the occupied school on Ohlauer Strasse in Kreuzberg, Berlin for two … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Bomb left outside Dafni police precinct in memory of Revolutionary Struggle member Lambros Foundas

25.02.17: According to the corporate Greek media police bomb disposal experts defused an explosive device comprising of a hand grenade on Saturday after an anonymous caller telephoned a threat that the bomb would detonate outside the police precinct in Dafni, southern … Continue reading

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Greece: Financial campaign to aid political prisoners

Received on 31.01.17: The state through repressive mechanisms (cops, jail guards) and judicial power (prosecutors, judges) aimed at physical and psychological extermination of political prisoners. Prisoners and comrades however, are in a daily struggle between “special” conditions of detention, vindictive … Continue reading

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Sydney, Australia: Solidarity mural for the Revolutionary Struggle comrades in Greece

Received on 14.01.16: On January 5th 2017, fugitive Pola Roupa and anarchist Konstantina Athanasopoulou were arrested in Athens. Anti-terror cops raided a home with Pola and her six-year-old son inside, while Konstantina was arrested nearby. Both women are members of … Continue reading

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