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June 11th, 2017: Communication Is A Weapon

By now it is a platitude to speak of the isolation and silence that prisons strive to impose. Every week another one of our imprisoned friends tells us that their mail is getting fucked with, the phones on their unit … Continue reading

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France: Latest letter from imprisoned anarchist comrade Damien Camélio

There are days in prison where anger and hatred, mixed with a feeling of helplessness reach the maximum. The police arrested Comrade XXXX, who is currently imprisoned here in Fleury, but in another building, which prevents us from having any … Continue reading

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Italy: Update on Operation ‘Scripta Manent’ 16.01.17

(Received 17/1/17) The Court of Cassation decided to commit Daniele Cortelli for trial, concerning the decision of Court of Liberty [provincial appeals court]. Additionally, on January 10th the judge for the preliminary investigations rejected the house arrest. We have been … Continue reading

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Latina Prison, Italy: Texts written by anarchist comrade Anna Beniamino confiscated by the prison censors

Anarchist comrade Anna (arrested in Operation ‘Scripta Manent’) has told us that for the first time her outgoing mail has been blocked. This is regarding two texts she wrote for the fourth issue of the publishing project ‘Croce Nera Anarchica’ … Continue reading

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Italy: Update on Operation ‘Scripta Manent’ – 01.01.17

Dates set for the Supreme Court hearings against the order of the Court Of Liberty (provincial appeals court) that confirmed the pre-trial detentions ordered by the judge for preliminary investigations. Daniele Cortelli (not under investigation in operation “Scripta Manent” but … Continue reading

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Italy: Operation ‘Scripta Manent’ — Solidarity poster

How many beings have gone through life without ever waking up! And how many others have realized that they have lived only for the monotonous tick-tock of the clocks. It is a great joy to see blown up barracks, courthouses and agents of Power. The system and its structures are not abstract, they are clearly visible; the perpetrators have names and surnames and they can be easily identified. To each his own choice. Since 2003 various cells of Informal Anarchist Federation have carried out dozens of direct actions across … Continue reading

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La Paz, Bolivia: Poster against civilization & graffiti action in solidarity with anarchist comrades in Italy (Eng/Esp)

Received on 29.12.16: The walls of the city are one of the spaces to scream anarchy. So during one of the most important dates for consumerism…when people only buy until they die, even forgetting that there is no water…we decided … Continue reading

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