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Paris, France: German Embassy Attacked in Solidarity with No-G20 Prisoners

During the night of July 17 2017, we attacked the Embassy of Germany, in Paris, in solidarity with no-G20 prisoners, rising against G20 and its world. That starry night, you could hear « pshiiit, bam, boum » rue marbeau. Bim ! A « Welcome … Continue reading

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Letter bomb explodes inside IMF offices in Paris, another 8 devices suspected in the post (France, Greece)

19.03.17: A day after the German Ministry of Finance received a fully functioning Conspiracy of Cells of Fire / FAI parcel bomb addressed to Wolfgang Schäuble, Finance Minister, the Parisian offices of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) also received a … Continue reading

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France: Attacks in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Damien Camelio

We publish here some attacks from France in solidarity with the anarchist comrade Damien Camelio, who has been held in custody since December 8, 2016 in Fleury. Paris: Instead of lighting some candles.. Hello Damien, We learned of your imprisonment … Continue reading

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Paris, France: There will be no presidential election

A call to break with the electoral circus (Translated from an anonymous leaflet distributed in the September 15th 2016 demo in Paris. All brackets are translators notes) There has been much water under the bridge since the Socialist Party (Parti … Continue reading

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Paris, France: Black September 15.09.16.

Received on 02.09.16: Tous et toutes à Paris le 15 Septembre! Am 15 September nach Paris! Let’s all go to Paris on September 15th! Facebook Event Also check out Autonome Aktion France & Autonome Aktion

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Paris, France: Attack against CGT headquarters in solidarity with the 250 prisoners and the CCF

On the night of 24-25 June, 2016, comrades attacked the national headquarters of the CGT union in Montreuil, the national headquarters of the CFDT union was attacked the previous evening following a demonstration. These attacks occurred in response to the collaboration … Continue reading

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Paris : Targeted rampage of administrative offices of the university of Tolbiac

Translator’s note: This sabotage took place during the ongoing movement against the “loi Travail” (the work act). The university of Tolbiac is on the frontline of this struggle in Paris. This rampage was commented in the bourgeois press, and some … Continue reading

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