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Smashing the State in Rojava and Beyond: The Formation and Intentions of the International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces

A zine that can be used to spread info about IRPGF and the Rojava Revolution. Throw it in the library of your info shop, on the table of your social center, on your boss’ desk, and in your school’s lockers. … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Sale el número 20 del boletín “La Bomba”

La violencia política anárquica continúa, aunque muchxs puedan pensar que esta se encuentra dormida, siempre esta ahí, resistiendo, buscando el momento preciso para hincar los dientes y desgarrar una entidad del Capital. Es así como para esta fecha recopilamos varias … Continue reading

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Avalanche – Anarchist Correspondence Issue 10

Editorial March 2017 Time seems a self-evident measure of life, to the point of being assigned to the natural order of things. And with algorithms becoming more infused in daily life, its significance as a factor of being tends to … Continue reading

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So-called ‘Australia’: FTP Zine Issue 8

PDF: Read  Print  FuckThePoliceFightThePowerFreeThePrisonersFireToPatriarchy Welcome to the eighth issue of FTP zine, our biannual report on anti-colonial, anti-state resistance, compiled within occupied Cadigal territory. Like previous issues we have chosen to highlight acts of resistance to the Australian state and … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Sale el número 19 del boletín “La Bomba” (Diciembre 2016)

Santiago: Sale el número 19 del boletín “La Bomba” A nuestrxs queridxs lectorxs, afines y anónimxs en el mundo. A nuestrxs presxs que resisten día a día al Poder. A aquellxs prófugxs que burlan a las nefastas policías. Por todxs lxs caídxs, en especial a la memoria combativa del Pelao Angry. Sale para todxs ustedes: ¡El último boletín del año! En esta nueva edición, la memoria combativa se toma las calles. Esta memoria combativa a la cual nos referimos, es una constante … Continue reading

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Cronologia Maldita: Cronologia da confrontação anárquica no território controlado pelo estado brasileiro (2000-2015)

Após um ano de ter editado o nosso primeiro livro, decidimos difundi-lo e convidar a sua propagação. Valorizamos neste momento, todas as ações de confrontação que aconteceram após esta publicação. A chama anárquica mostra sua vitalidade, vigência e força. Do … Continue reading

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Greece: Tear Down the Bastille – Hunger Strike as a Means of Struggle – Voices From Inside the Walls (PDF)

DOWNLOAD PDF HERE INTRODUCTORY NOTE The publication of ‘tear down the bastille’ is in the frames of the functioning of the Solidarity fund for imprisoned and prosecuted fighters and is distributed inside, as well as outside the walls. The main … Continue reading

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