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So-Called Australia: ‘Break Away From Break Free’ – A Critique of the Environmental NGO Model of Organizing Direct Action (PDF)

Introduction Two minutes after getting on a minibus headed for Newcastle, the person seated next to me tugged at their friend’s arm in mild distress. “Noo, I forgot the selfie stick!” Without putting any blame on this individual, this brief … Continue reading

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Greece: Syrian Revolution – Anarchist Initiative from Korydallos Prison (PDF)

As events as such write the modern world history, all revolutionary movements need to process the information available, discuss and come to conclusions and eventually choose sides and fight without failing to take the context of this historical reality into … Continue reading

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So-Called Australia: Support Needed to Keep Prison Writing Journal ‘Paper Chained’ Going

Call for Donations DONATE HERE The first publication of Paper Chained was funded solely out of the pockets of a member of the Running Wild Collective who is a low-income earner and full-time student. The journal unfortunately cannot be sustained … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Sale el número 23 del boletín “La Bomba”

Para continuar con la idea final de la editorial pasada, queremos decir que la recopilación de reivindicaciones de sabotajes, atentados, las noticias formuladas etc. son con la intención de generar un archivo online y material, para que las diversas ideas … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Insurrection Festival – Digital Anonymity and Security (PDF)

13.11.17: As activists we must know the dangers of the cyberspace, and learn how to protect our privacy. Avoiding the use of telecommunication tools is not an option. But either we own the technology we use or the technology owns us. … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Sale el número 22 del boletín ‘La Bomba’

Recibido el 13.11.17: Descargar: 22 La Bomba 22 Septiembre 2017 A nuestrxs queridxs lectores en cualquier parte del globo, y a lxs presxs subversivxs de nuestro territorio. Entregamos para ustedes un nuevo boletín recopilatorio, el cual esta vez corresponderá a septiembre. … Continue reading

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So-called Australia: First Edition of Anti-Prison Zine ‘Paper Chained’ Now Available Online

Note from Insurrection News: The first edition of ‘Paper Chained’ is now available online to read or download, paper copies are also available upon request. ‘Paper Chained’ is a journal of writings and artistic expressions from individuals who are facing or … Continue reading

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