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Melbourne, Australia: Action at the Turkish Consulate on International Women’s Day in Solidarity with Afrin

Received on 08.03.18: On March 8th, International Women’s Day, a group of women, gender diverse people and a cis-male ally successfully bypassed security and entered the consulate of the fascist Turkish State in Narrm / Melbourne, so-called Australia to voice … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Incendiary Attack Against Turkish State-Owned Company Istikbal in Solidarity with the Defenders of Afrin

During the night of the 2nd of February we attacked the Turkish company Istikbal with an incendiary device and we torched a 7.5 tonne truck in front of their headquarters at 152 Kifissias Avenue. Istikbal is a multinational furniture company … Continue reading

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Greece: Syrian Revolution – Anarchist Initiative from Korydallos Prison (PDF)

As events as such write the modern world history, all revolutionary movements need to process the information available, discuss and come to conclusions and eventually choose sides and fight without failing to take the context of this historical reality into … Continue reading

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Rojava: Urgent Message from an Anarchist Comrade in Afrin

Received on 23.01.18: The Erdoganist army and its barbarian allies (namely the Turkish backed Free Syrian Army /TFSA & the so-called Syrian National Army /SNA) invaded 4 outer villages and 4 defensive points in the Afrin region. They are moving … Continue reading

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‘Not One Step Back!’: TQILA-IRPGF Communique (Rojava / Syria)

The current social revolution in Rojava (Western Kurdistan – Syria) is one of the greatest beacons of militant self-organized and autonomous revolutionary praxis of the 21st Century. Within a brutal civil war in Syria that has cost upwards of half … Continue reading

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New anarchist guerrilla force, the International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces, formed in Rojava

Announcement of the Creation of the IRPGF and Membership in the IFB Today, the revolution is under attack. Like the Paris Commune and at so many other points in history, the revolutionary forces face the leviathan of capitalist hegemony which … Continue reading

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Dresden, Germany: Solidarity with the Kurdish Freedom Struggle!

16.03.17: With the ban on the flag of the YPG, the YPJ Women’s Defense Units, the PYD (Democratic Union Party), YXK (Association of Students from Kurdistan) and flags with images of Abdullah Öcalan by the Minister of the Interior Thomas … Continue reading

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