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Sydney, Australia: Banner Action in Solidarity with Edwin Espinal and other Political Prisoners in Honduras

Received on 15.02.18: Banners in Sydney, Australia in solidarity with Edwin Espinal and other political prisoners in Honduras, the boiling insurrection in Honduras against the JOH (Juan Orlando Hernández) dictatorship, and with struggles for Mother Earth just about everywhere…

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Athens, Greece: Incendiary Attack Against Turkish State-Owned Company Istikbal in Solidarity with the Defenders of Afrin

During the night of the 2nd of February we attacked the Turkish company Istikbal with an incendiary device and we torched a 7.5 tonne truck in front of their headquarters at 152 Kifissias Avenue. Istikbal is a multinational furniture company … Continue reading

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Turkey: Health of Imprisoned Grup Yorum Member Dilan Poyraz Seriously Worsening

Received on 11.02.18: Dilan Poyraz, imprisoned member of  the left-wing folk music band Grup Yorum who has been in prison for 9 months in Silivri Prison and has been experiencing serious health problems, has been sent to Gebze Women’s Prison. … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Responsibility Claim from ‘Conspiracy of the Black Cells’ for the Coordinated Attacks Against Catholic Churches on 12.01.18

At dawn on January 12th, the night of the hooded moon, we decided to attack one of the most repugnant and murderous entities in history, an entity that based on some stories has plunged millions of people into their misery … Continue reading

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Argentina: ¡Con los Rebeldes Siempre! – Always with the Rebels! (Video)

  Este video fue realizado al cumplirse 1 mes de la desaparición de Santiago Maldonado en manos de Gendarmería. El cuerpo sin vida de Santiago fue “encontrado” el 17 de octubre -78 días después de su desaparición- en el Río … Continue reading

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Russia: Call for International Days of Solidarity with Russian Anarchist Political Prisoners Feb 5th-12th, 2018

Received on 31.01.18: Days from the 5th till 12th of February are the days of solidarity with repressed Russian anarchists.  In October of 2017 in Penza six anarchists and antifascists were arrested by officers of Federal Security Service on a … Continue reading

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France: Freedom for Georges Louis!

Recived on 19.01.18: Our comrade Georges Louis, union representative at the CGT (General Workers Confederation) and a militant of the Secours Rouge Arabe (Arabian Red Help), was arrested again. At 4.30 AM, 10 armed and masked policemen and 4 civilian … Continue reading

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