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The Netherlands: Comrade placed in isolation due to inability to scan fingerprints

The comrade who was arrested last Saturday after a spontaneous demonstration in the Schilderswijk, The Hague (Netherlands), is still being kept by the authorities. They are building up the pressure on him and are making his situation even more difficult. … Continue reading

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Greece: Sixth appeals trial hearing of imprisoned anarchist-communist comrade Tasos Theofilou

Yiannis Kontos The 6th hearing of the appeals trial of the anarchist-communist Tasos Theofilou at the Appeals Court of Athens, concluded today with the testimonies of the final prosecution witnesses. A high-ranking member of the counter-terrorism unit was the only witness … Continue reading

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Chilean Prisons: Words in solidarity with Tamara Sol, Tato and Claudia

Note from Insurrection News: The following text by imprisoned compañeros Fabián Durán, Enrique Guzmán,  Nicolás Rojas and Joaquín García was written in response to the cowardly attacks by prison guards against the imprisoned compañeras Tamara Sol, Tato and Claudia that took place at … Continue reading

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Greece: Report from the 3rd hearing in the trial of anarchist communist comrade Tasos Theofilou

January 10th 2017 With the testimonies of four prosecution witnesses, three of which were employed at the branch of Alpha Bank in Naousa, Paros, and one was a colleague and friend of the victim Demetris Michas, the trial of the anarchist-communist resumed … Continue reading

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Greece: Financial campaign to aid political prisoners

Received on 31.01.17: The state through repressive mechanisms (cops, jail guards) and judicial power (prosecutors, judges) aimed at physical and psychological extermination of political prisoners. Prisoners and comrades however, are in a daily struggle between “special” conditions of detention, vindictive … Continue reading

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Turkey: Revolutionary anarchist prisoner Umut Firat is not alone!

“Yesterday, at a time when the tears have not dried and the rage is not settled yet for the cities burned down to rubble with tanks and bombing, hundreds of people killed, thousands of old, young, child, women and men … Continue reading

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Greece: Updates on the trial of anarchist communist comrade Tassos Theofilou

Second hearing of the trial of Tassos Theofilou by Sylvia & Giant With the provocative statements and behavior of the prosecution, started the second hearing of the trial of appeals of Tassos Theofilou, on Tuesday, 20th of December. The sister … Continue reading

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