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TATTOO COMBATIVA. SOLIDARIEDADE ENTRE OKUPAS. ENCONTRO DE TATUAGEM COMBATIVA. “A partir da onda de perseguições e possíveis punições no Uruguai pelo despejo da Solidaria, várias questões nos agitaram.  A necessidade de apoiar os compas e também a visão de estar … Continue reading

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Porto Alegre, Brasil : Abertura do novo espaço da Biblioteca Kaos. domingo 2 de abril. meio dia

Received on 27.03.17: Salve compas! Com a intensa sensação de ânimo que nos dá a nova ocupação, abrimos já as portas do nosso novo espaço, xs convidando à abertura o domingo 2 de abril ao meio dia. Sintam-se a vontade pra … Continue reading

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Porto Alegre, Brazil: Lutheran Church vandalized in solidarity with the evicted Solidaria squat (Eng/Port/Esp)

Received and translated on 24.03.17: At dawn on March 21, we decorated the facade of the Lutheran Church on Senhor dos Passos street in the center of Porto Alegre with paint as a gesture of strength and in solidarity with … Continue reading

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Porto Alegre, Brazil: New space for Biblioteca Kaos squat (Eng/Port)

Let’s occupy again! Biblioteca Kaos (Kaos Library) has a new space! On Sunday, March 12, we entered the house at 641 Coronel João Manoel street, near the start of the hill. The house was abandoned three years ago and it … Continue reading

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Brazil: On the protests against PEC 241/55 in Porto Alegre (25.11 & 13.12, 2016) [Eng/Port/Esp]

They want us awake at the first hour of the day to work every day and if possible for our who life until the last years of our strength…For what? We already understand and we will not accept it. The … Continue reading

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Porto Alegre, Brazil: Arson attack against São Pedro Parish in Floresta barrio (Eng/Port)

Received and translated on 16.11.16: The earth from time to time rebelliously rebuilds what was thought extinct. These are the offshoots of rebellious roots and seeds that spread with the wind. Here this already weary land has know the project … Continue reading

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Brazil: Message from Biblioteca Kaos squat

Greetings comrades and friends… First of all, we are well… The day of the eviction came and went, and now that the dust has settled, we want to send greetings to all the compas who were with us and who … Continue reading

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