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Indonesia: Day 2 of Jakarta anarchist / drug war prisoners ‘Death To Duterte’ street campaign (Eng/Indo)

Received on 23.02.17: Today we took to the streets of central Jakarta in increased numbers to continue to demand Death to Duterte, the fascist drug user murdering President of the Philippines. We designed 5 different posters which we made 50 … Continue reading

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So-called ‘Australia’: Some anti-colonial actions in Sydney

Received on 27.01.17: Over the past week thousands of anti-colonial posters were put up all around Sydney, especially around locations holding “Australia Day” celebrations. On the 26th of January, six Unaustralian banners were tied to various highway overpasses. While these … Continue reading

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So-called Australia: Banner drop in southeast Victoria for #7DaysOfResistance

Received anonymously on 25.01.16: Banner drop on an overpass above the Princes Freeway, heading east in southeast Victoria as part of the #7DaysOfResistance in the lead-up to Invasion Day 2017. The banners read: ‘No Pride In Genocide’ and ‘Abolish Aus … Continue reading

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So-called Australia: Poster action in southeast Victoria for #7DaysOfResistance

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Chile: Actividad – “Factores del desorden”

ACTIVIDAD “Factores del desorden contra el poder: Presencia anárquica y posibilidades insurreccionales en conflictos actuales.” EXPOSICIONES: *Agitación anárquica contra el Proyecto IIRSA en Valparaíso. *Buscando expandir la revuelta en la lucha contra la Maxi Prisión en Bruselas (Bélgica) *Desbordando lo específico: luchas anti-represivas y antiespecistas en España. … Continue reading

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Italy: Operation ‘Scripta Manent’ — Solidarity poster

How many beings have gone through life without ever waking up! And how many others have realized that they have lived only for the monotonous tick-tock of the clocks. It is a great joy to see blown up barracks, courthouses and agents of Power. The system and its structures are not abstract, they are clearly visible; the perpetrators have names and surnames and they can be easily identified. To each his own choice. Since 2003 various cells of Informal Anarchist Federation have carried out dozens of direct actions across … Continue reading

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La Paz, Bolivia: Poster against civilization & graffiti action in solidarity with anarchist comrades in Italy (Eng/Esp)

Received on 29.12.16: The walls of the city are one of the spaces to scream anarchy. So during one of the most important dates for consumerism…when people only buy until they die, even forgetting that there is no water…we decided … Continue reading

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