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Germany: ‘In Spite Of Their Separation’ – call for action & solidarity from #Rigaer94

Received on 03.02.17: We are writing to you from the threatened houseproject Rigaer 94 in one of Berlins once notorious squatting neighbourhoods. Our contexts might be worlds apart or really close but the reality we lived last year bears the … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Cars torched in Kolonaki for Black July

On June 22nd 2016 the German police bastards once again raided the Rigaer 94 squat after the whole Nordkiez area had been declared a ‘danger zone’ with permanent controls and police presence. However they have failed to contain the conflict … Continue reading

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Germany: Interactive map of Rigaer 94 solidarity actions

Received on 14.07.16: Huge interactive map of solidarity actions for the partly evicted Rigaer 94 with many photos and links: Zum “schwarzen Juli” und um die Planungen für kommende TagX-Aktionen zu unterstützen wurde ein Solidaritätsatlas erstellt. Dieser soll Mut machen … Continue reading

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Berlin: Black July – Attack with fire and stones against the Spittelmarkt

We are mad as hell because of the evacuation of the Kadterschmiede. We are very pleased about the call for a Black July. We now have space for these feelings and so we made a contribution to the call on … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: Report-back from the Defend Rigaer 94 demo

Germany: Report-back from the ‘Burst The Dreams Of Investors – Defend Rigaer 94’ demonstration that took place in Berlin on 09.07.16… Burst the dreams of investors – Defend Rigaer 94 Before the demonstration the media and lots of politicians were … Continue reading

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Germany: Call for a Black July, plus a chronology of actions in solidarity with Rigaer 94

We appreciate the call for a Black July from Rigaer 94. Many comrades in a lot of countries followed the call for a Black December of Nikos Romanos (Greek Prisoner) . It’s not just about the Rigaer 94 that people now … Continue reading

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Solidarity and strength to R94 & all the Rebels of Rigaer strasse! (Australia / Germany)

As the bitter news of the attacks on the emancipatory structures and projects of the Rigaer kiez reach us, we extend our whole hearted solidarity and strength to all the rebellious inhabitants of Rigaer strasse. We find it entirely unsurprising … Continue reading

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