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Argentina: Everything Motivates Us, Nothing Satisfies Us – About the Revolts of Dec. 14 & 18 in Buenos Aires

Received on 25.12.17: And the rage overflowed. And it should be clarified that many of those that found themeselves involved in the revolts of Thursday the 14th and Monday the 18th of December were not there to stop the pension … Continue reading

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Bad News! Rafael Braga Remains Imprisoned! (Port/Esp/Eng)

Rafael Braga permanece preso! Rio de Janeiro, 12.12.2017 | Hoje foi realizado no TJRJ (Tribunal de Justiça do Estado do Rio de Janeiro)  a seção de julgamento  do recurso impetrado pela defesa de Rafael Braga Vieira sobre a sua  absurda … Continue reading

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Brazil: Updates About the Case of Rafael Braga (Eng/Port/Esp)

Received on 24.09.17: UPDATE – On March 13, the Superior Court of Justice granted a preliminary injunction to have him sentenced to house arrest, in response to a request for habeas corpus from Rafael’s defense, represented by the Human Rights … Continue reading

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Porto Alegre, Brazil: Justice Tribunal paint-bombed in solidarity with imprisoned comrade Rafael Braga (Eng/Port)

Received and translated by Insurrection News on 16.06.17: On Saturday, May 6th, a few days after we learned of the absurd sentence, when night fell, we walked towards the Justice Tribunal of Porto Alegre and we threw paint bombs at … Continue reading

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Río de Janeiro, Brazil: Mobilizations Against the Austerity Reforms, 28.04.17

Mobilizations against the austerity reforms 28.04.17 #GeneralStrike #BrazilOnStrike More than 8 busses were burned in Rio de Janeiro’s downtown, lots of barricades were erected, and clashes were everywhere. There was a huge repression by the Military Police, but libertarians and anarchists bravely resisted … Continue reading

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Brazil: Rafael Braga sentenced to eleven years in prison

The judgment was published on the the Rio de Janeiro’s Court of Justice web site, on Thursday (20/04). The collector of recyclable material was held convicted for trafficking and association for drug trafficking. In a sentence published on the website … Continue reading

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