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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Bad News! Rafael Braga Remains Imprisoned! (Port/Esp/Eng)

Rafael Braga permanece preso! Rio de Janeiro, 12.12.2017 | Hoje foi realizado no TJRJ (Tribunal de Justiça do Estado do Rio de Janeiro)  a seção de julgamento  do recurso impetrado pela defesa de Rafael Braga Vieira sobre a sua  absurda … Continue reading

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Porto Alegre, Bra$il: ‘When Anarchy Disturbs’ – Kaos Library Statement about the Prosecution Against Anarchists (Eng/Port)

There are many things to say, but we will start with the most urgent. In the 25 of October began an anti-anarchist persecution against FAG [Gaucho Anarchist Federation] Parhesia institute, Pandorga squat and some individuals who had their spaces and houses raided … Continue reading

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Brazil: Updates About the Case of Rafael Braga (Eng/Port/Esp)

Received on 24.09.17: UPDATE – On March 13, the Superior Court of Justice granted a preliminary injunction to have him sentenced to house arrest, in response to a request for habeas corpus from Rafael’s defense, represented by the Human Rights … Continue reading

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