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Greece: 12th appeals trial hearing of anarchist-communist comrade Tasos Theofilou

OmniaTV coverage of the 11th appeals trial hearing in Athens, Greece of imprisoned anarchist-communist comrade Tasos Theofilou. Translated into English for Insurrection News by BlackCat. The hearing began with CCTV footage from the bank, which had been shown again during … Continue reading

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São Paulo, Brazil: Alerta Antifascista! An Urgent Call For International Solidarity!

Received on 03.05.17: ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA! FROM THE TERRITORY UNDER DOMAIN OF BRAZILIAN GOVERNMENT! AN URGENT CALL FOR SOLIDARITY! On May 2, at eight o’clock, local antifa and members of the Palestinian refugee community from São Paulo, called a protest against … Continue reading

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Belarus: Anarchists Hang a Banner and an Effigy of a Riot Cop in Minsk

28.04.17: The last few months in Belarus were marked by an upsurge in protests against Decree No. 3 or the ‘social parasite tax’: Actions and rallies took place across the country which really scared the Lukashenko government. On March 25, … Continue reading

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Rojava: IRPGF Statement of Solidarity with Chinese Feminists

在 2017 年 3 月,中国女性主义同志的微博被中国政府强行关闭。这不是单一事件,在过去 一段时间中国政府不断骚扰和打压女性解放和酷儿平权运动。尤其在 2015 年,与位女性主 义同志被逮捕并监禁。 IRPGF 在此向中国女性主义同志表达我们的支持。全世界抵抗压迫,录削与支配的人, IRPGF 永远与他们站在一起。 从罗贾亚到中国,IRPGF 与中国女性主义者站在同一阵线!!! 「没有女性解放 一个社会决不会自由」 「21 世纪将会是女性革命的世纪 」 阿卜杜拉·奥贾兰 In March of 2017, the weibo accounts of Chinese feminist comrades were forcefully suspended by the Chinese government. This … Continue reading

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Brazil: Rafael Braga sentenced to eleven years in prison

The judgment was published on the the Rio de Janeiro’s Court of Justice web site, on Thursday (20/04). The collector of recyclable material was held convicted for trafficking and association for drug trafficking. In a sentence published on the website … Continue reading

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Venezuela in Insurrection…and the Anarchists?

Venezuela is experiencing a pre-insurrectional moment. Those who have not realized this have not been on the street and feel well served by information from the censorship-controlled media. After the process of degradation that has turned it into a dictatorship, … Continue reading

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Greece: 11th appeals trial hearing of anarchist-communist comrade Tasos Theofilou

Reporting by Giant and Sylvia for OmniaTV, translated into English by BlackCat for Insurrection News. The hearing started with the testimony of an artist (oil painter) who said that he was with Tasos on the 10th of August (the day … Continue reading

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