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Bern, Switzerland: Solidarity for Imprisoned Anarchist Comrades in Russia

Solidarity for imprisoned anarchist comrades in Russia from Bern/Switzerland. (via Mpalothia)

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Report-Back on Actions for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist & Antifascist Prisoners in Russia

Received on 18.02.18: On February 5-12, an International Week of solidarity with Anarchist and Antifascist Prisoners in Russia took place. 21 actions against repression were joined by 21 Russian cities and a large number of foreign comrades, from Belarus to … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: We Are All Terrorists – Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners in Russia!

Received on 16.02.18: From Rigaer Street, we send signs of solidarity and rage to anarchist prisoners in Russia, responding to the call from Russia for International Days of Solidarity with Russian Anarchist Political Prisoners. These days we heard from the … Continue reading

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Turkey: Health of Imprisoned Grup Yorum Member Dilan Poyraz Seriously Worsening

Received on 11.02.18: Dilan Poyraz, imprisoned member of  the left-wing folk music band Grup Yorum who has been in prison for 9 months in Silivri Prison and has been experiencing serious health problems, has been sent to Gebze Women’s Prison. … Continue reading

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Turkey: Anarchist Prisoner Şevket Aslan on Hunger Strike for Over 80 Days

10.02.18: The anarchist prisoner Şevket Aslan who is being held in İzmir T Type Prison in Aliağa Şakran, is on the 81st day of what he describes as an ‘endless and irreversible’ hunger strike until his demands are met. Şevket went … Continue reading

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London, UK: Tranarchism on Trial – Free The She-Wolf!

The British state stepped up its campaign against a trans anti-fascist squatter last week, charging her with battery, in connection to an alleged bust-up at a political gathering last year. Following the alleged incident she was tracked down, arrested by … Continue reading

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Brazil: Call for a Month of Anarchic Offensive Against Operation Erebo

ANTI-AUTHORITARIAN AGITATION FOR THE ANARCHIC OFFENSIVE AGAINST OPERATION EREBO Insubmissive solidarity to all persecuted anarchists in the southern region of the territory dominated by the Brazilian state. We call for extensive action to months of February and March in response … Continue reading

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