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Call for International Solidarity from Revolutionary Action in Belarus

Salute, dear comrades all around the world! We are anarchists from the organization called Revolutionary Action from Belarus. Our main goal is anarchy worldwide, our main method to reach it is social revolution, our current activity is class struggle, agitation … Continue reading

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Belarus: Anarchist, Antifascist and Eco-activist Dmitry Polienko Sentenced to Two Years in Prison

Against Dmitry Polienko opened a criminal case in spring 2016 after a “Critical Mass” under article 364 (violence or threat of application of violence concerning the employee of Internal Affairs bodies). Recall that the police attacked the cyclists and severely … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Concerning the Case of Tasos Theofilou – The ‘Plea’

I shall start my plea by clarifying once again that I am denying the accusations I am accused of. There are two kinds of reality. The actual one and the one that has been presented as such during the trial … Continue reading

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Belarus: People’s Response To The Tax On “Parasitism” (Video)

Watch video on Anarchy Today website HERE  

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France: New Letter From Anarchist Prisoner Damien Camelio

“It’s May 18th, the date of my parole, but I’m still in the slammer and I’m going to be staying here.

Sentence judge Catherine Ardaillon, left-wing trade unionist, activist at the Evry tribunal and at Fléury-Mérogis prison, has decreed that all the same, for cases like mine, its lucky that there are prisons and therefore adjusting my sentence is out of the question.

Unlike my last sentence, I am not under the yoke of the anti-terrorist law, but in practice it is still applied to me.” Continue reading

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Italia: Scripta Manent: Otrxs 7 anarquistas acusadxs ​​de asociación subversiva

[Traducido por Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras desde Traces of Fire] El viernes 2 de junio por la mañana, la DIGOS notificó el cierre de las investigaciones por delitos 270bis (asociación subversiva) y 414 (solicitación criminal) a 7 anarquistas, 4 de … Continue reading

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IRPGF: Solidarity with Spanish anarchists on trial in Aachen (Rojava / Germany)

On January 23, the trial began against two Barcelona anarchist comrades accused of expropriating banks in Aachen (Germany). The two are currently in the prison of said city, in solitary confinement from their arrest in April of 2016. It seems … Continue reading

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