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Athens, Greece: Insurrection Festival – Digital Anonymity and Security (PDF)

13.11.17: As activists we must know the dangers of the cyberspace, and learn how to protect our privacy. Avoiding the use of telecommunication tools is not an option. But either we own the technology we use or the technology owns us. … Continue reading

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New email address for Insurrection News

We have permanently changed our email address to insurrectionnews(at)mpalothia(dot)(net) …all emails sent to our old email address will be automatically forwarded to the new one for the next month or so and then we will be deleting it. Thanks to … Continue reading

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[Updated!] Temporary new contact address for Insurrection News

Update, 25.11.16: (via C4SS / Center for a Stateless Society): “UPDATE: Riseup has sent out a tweet asking people not to panic, asserting that they still have full control over their servers, and saying more information will come at some … Continue reading

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