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Netherlands: De Vloek eviction – verdict claiming 30.030,35 euros in damages

On the 21st of December 2016 the court in The Hague sentenced ten people who were arrested during the eviction De Vloek free space to pay 30.030.35 in damages to the city council. De Vloek, after being squatted for 13 … Continue reading

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Spain: Month of Solidarity and Struggle for Okupation (squatting) Nov 19-Dec 19

We understand okupation (squatting) as a tool of struggle whose main purpose is far from the idea of shaping recreational places. It is a strategy to fight, theoretically and practically, against property as a key pillar of capitalist democracy. Okupation (squatting) … Continue reading

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Greece: We Will Defend Housing Squats

WE WILL DEFEND HOUSING SQUATS The evacuation of squats in Thessaloniki by police, the mass arrests of comrades, the demolition of the Orfanotrofeio (orphanage) building, as well as the organized smear campaign against solidarity to refugees, leave no doubt that: … Continue reading

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Narrm / Melbourne: Attempt to evict homeless family successfully resisted

02.08.16: For the second time in as many days victoria police have attempted to illegally enter the home of a formally homeless family now residing in one of over a dozen formally empty state government owned houses acquired for the … Continue reading

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Brazil: Message from Biblioteca Kaos squat

Greetings comrades and friends… First of all, we are well… The day of the eviction came and went, and now that the dust has settled, we want to send greetings to all the compas who were with us and who … Continue reading

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Greece: Orfanotrofeio squat – this was my home

  This was my home This was home for me and my children. And  for thirty more families and many other people. We were living like one family, and we came from all over the world. It was our school, … Continue reading

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Heraklion, Crete: Incendiary attack against the church of St. Dimitris in solidarity with squats

During the first hours of August 1st an incendiary device was placed in the church of Saint Dimitris in Heraklion Crete. We advanced with this action as a minimum response following the recent actions of church S.A in collaboration with … Continue reading

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