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Sydney, Australia: Stencil Actions at Liberal & Labor MP Electoral Offices in Solidarity with Refugees on Manus

Received on 01.12.17: In the early hours of the 29th of November the electoral offices of Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Abbott and Anthony Albanese were decorated with stencils that said: Evacuate Manus. Your Inaction Is Blood On Your Hands. Refugees Welcome. … Continue reading

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So-called ‘Australia’: #7DaysOfResistance / Decolonization in the lead up to #InvasionDay2017

7 days of Resistance/Decolonization In the lead up to Invasion Day 2017: Banner drops, Making stencils, interrupting aus day celebrations, paint images words/wording on walls and roads, steal and burn aus rags, making clap sticks, boomerangs, weaving, painting up, make … Continue reading

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Serbia: Anarcho-Syndicalist graffiti action against the exploitative ‘IDEA’ supermarket chain

Received on 06.07.16: Activists of Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative (ASI) Belgrade have organised a graffiti action at 20 stores of the notorious “IDEA” supermarket chain in Belgrade after the information about the brutal treatment of workers in these supermarkets got out to the … Continue reading

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Pre-election banner & stencil action in so-called ‘Australia’

Sent to us anonymously: Pre-election day banner and stencil action in the town of Moe, southeastern Victoria, so-called ‘Australia’.

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