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Russia: The FSB is the Real Terrorist! Freedom for Anarchist Prisoners! (Video)

Received on 20.03.18: Recent anarchist activity in Russia against the March 18 electoral spectacle, and in solidarity with anarchist and antifascist prisoners.

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USA: ‘Become Ungovernable’ – Video Compilation of 2017 Anarchist Street Activity in Solidarity with the J20 Defendants

Received on 25.01.18: A video compilation of anarchist street activity in 2017 throughout so-called america. In solidarity with the J20 defendants.  

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Finland: 100 Years Are Enough! (Video)

Received on 09.12.17: Compilation video of anarchist and antifascist street activity in Finland between 2013 and 2017. The 6th of December marked the 100 year anniversary of the Finnish State. For the abolition of all states. For anarchy.

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Barcelona, Catalonia: Anarchist Graffiti Against the Monarchy & the Potential Republic (Video)

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Khabarovsk, Russia: Street Art in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

(via Solidarity International)

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Porto Alegre, Brazil: Posters in solidarity with Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar

Received and translated on 11.03.16:  Against the trial that is being carried out against Francisco Solar and Monica Caballero, several individuals from different parts of the city set out to invade the streets with posters in solidarity with the companeros. … Continue reading

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Australia Day: The Main Event in the National Sport of Denial

  Note: The following text was written by some unknown activists who redecorated several ‘ADSHELL’ corporate advertising spaces in the city of Melbourne, in so-called Australia on 26.01.16 in protest against the ‘Australia Day’ national public holiday and it’s accompanying ‘official’ celebrations.  … Continue reading

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