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Santiago Chile: Barricades and Clashes 44 Years Since the Military Coup (13.09.17)

BARRICADES OUTSIDE THE UNIVERSITY OF CHILE FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Encapuchadxs (hooded ones) raised barricades and clashed with FF.EE (Carabineros Special Forces) in the vicinity of the University of Chile (FASCO) in commemoration of the murdered and disappeared during the … Continue reading

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Greece: From Charlottesville to Athens – Antifa Riot 4 Years After the Murder of Pavlos Fyssas by Neo-Nazis

(For Pavlos Fyssas, Heather Heyer, Clement Meric, Carlos Palomino, Guillem Agulló, Sonia, Roger and to all the fallen antifascist comrades) On September 16, 2017 thousands of antifascists in Athens, Greece marched towards the headquarters of the “Golden Dawn” fascist party, … Continue reading

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Germany: The Public Conspiracy – On the Riots in Hamburg

Received on 15.09.17:  Translator’s note: This communique/report back appeared in the immediate aftermath of the riots and was translated from German Sometimes it’s a small coincidence that determines the course of events. Nobody could have guessed as much beforehand, least … Continue reading

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Argentina: Videos from the Actions in Buenos Aires & La Plata for Santiago Maldonado

Buenos Aires, 24.08.17 (English & Spanish subtitles) La Plata, 24.08.17 (English & Spanish subtitles) (via Contra Info)    

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Mexico: Video Report on the Protests Against the First Visit to Oaxaca by President Enrique Peña Nieto

Young people, mostly anarchists and residents of some of the colonies were on the front line of the battle against the repressive forces that provided security for the first visit of Enrique Peña Nieto to the city of Oaxaca on … Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Incendiary Action on the Eve of a New September 11

On September 1st, about 50 encapuchadxs (hooded ones) erected barricades and clashed with police with Molotov bombs in front of the UMCE (Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences). The action was framed within the context of the eve of a new … Continue reading

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Brazil: On the protests against PEC 241/55 in Porto Alegre (25.11 & 13.12, 2016) [Eng/Port/Esp]

They want us awake at the first hour of the day to work every day and if possible for our who life until the last years of our strength…For what? We already understand and we will not accept it. The … Continue reading

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