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Afrin Is Not Defeated! (Video)

Received on 24.03.18: Compilation of video messages for World Afrin Day in solidarity with Afrin from revolutionary organizations around the world. Afrin Is Not Defeated! Long Live The Rojava Revolution! Fight4Afrin! 

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Bern, Switzerland: Solidarity for Imprisoned Anarchist Comrades in Russia

Solidarity for imprisoned anarchist comrades in Russia from Bern/Switzerland. (via Mpalothia)

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Zurich, Switzerland: Arson Attack Against the Turkish Consulate

During the night of Sunday (28.01) to Monday (29.01) we set fire to a car on the grounds of the Turkish consulate on Weinberg street in Zurich. We are in solidarity with Rojava and the canton of Afrin, which is … Continue reading

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Bern, Switzerland: Arson Attack Against Detention Centre Construction Contractor Implenia

During the night of the 6th to the 7th of November in Bern, two cars and a construction machine belonging to the Implenia company were torched in the district of Lorraine. This arson attack took place within the context of … Continue reading

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Switzerland: Sabotage Action Against Agricultural Research Centre Agroscope by Night Owls

Delayed report – End of May 2017, Ticino (Switzerland) One night we entered the experimental vineyard of Agroscope in Gudo and cut almost all the plants in the field, destroying years of research. This action of sabotage was done because … Continue reading

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Switzerland: May Day Antifascist Action at the Turkish Consulate in Zurich

Today on the afternoon of the revolutionary May 1st, with about 120 people we converged on the Turkish Consulate on Weinberg street in Zurich in solidarity with the resistance in Turkey, Rojava and Bashur. While we were there we left … Continue reading

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Basel, Switzerland: ATM torched in solidarity with the anarchists accused of bank robbery in Aachen

During the week of action for the anarchists who are currently in court accused of bank robbery in Aachen, another ATM was torched in Basel. Shit justice Shit money (via Linksunten Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

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