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The Hague, Netherlands: May Day Solidarity Action for the Anarchists Accused of Bank Robbery in Aachen

MayDay The Hague: Solidarity with the anarchists accused of bank robbery in Aachen, Germany Today on MayDay, the international day of struggle against capitalism and oppression four banners were hung in The Hague, the Netherlands, and more than 1500 flyers … Continue reading

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The Netherlands: Comrade placed in isolation due to inability to scan fingerprints

The comrade who was arrested last Saturday after a spontaneous demonstration in the Schilderswijk, The Hague (Netherlands), is still being kept by the authorities. They are building up the pressure on him and are making his situation even more difficult. … Continue reading

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Den Haag, Netherlands: 9 ATMs attacked in solidarity with the anarchists accused of bank robbery

21.01.17: Last night we demolished 9 ATM machines in Den Haag, the Netherlands, in solidarity with the the anarchists accused of bank robberies in Aachen, Germany. Their court case is set to begin on January 23rd 2017, and will take … Continue reading

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Netherlands: De Vloek eviction – verdict claiming 30.030,35 euros in damages

On the 21st of December 2016 the court in The Hague sentenced ten people who were arrested during the eviction De Vloek free space to pay 30.030.35 in damages to the city council. De Vloek, after being squatted for 13 … Continue reading

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Netherlands: Interview with anarchists from Den Haag in Avalanche issue 9

The new Avalanche, Anarchist Correspondence, issue 9 is out. One of the articles is an interview with anarchists from Den Haag. You can read the interview below or download the Avalanche here. Interview with anarchists from Den Haag A conversation … Continue reading

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The Netherlands: Mobilization video for anti-repression demo on 19.11.2016

19-11-2016 Demonstration: Fight Repression! Stop repression against anti-fascists and anarchists! On Saturday November 19th, there will be a demonstration in The Hague, The Netherlands, against the wave of repression that Hague anti-fascists and anarchists have been facing in the last … Continue reading

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The Netherlands: The Area Ban against anarchists in a broader context of repression in The Hague

On August 3, several anarchists in The Hague, the Netherlands, and one from outside the city received a letter from Mayor Van Aartsen with the intention of imposing a two month area ban for the Schilderswijk, a working class and … Continue reading

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