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Turkey: Revolutionary Student Movement (DÖH) Claim Responsibility for 5 Arson Attacks Against AKP Targets in Solidarity with Afrin

The Revolutionary Student Movement (DÖH) has carried out a series of actions for Afrin. In a written statement they called on all patriotic students to support the resistance in Afrin. In addition, they have published the balance sheet of their … Continue reading

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İzmir, Turkey: Incendiary Actions by Kurdish Youth in Revenge for Civilians Massacred in Afrin

15.02.18: In a written statement, angry Kurdish youth have claimed responsibility for incendiary attacks against a State-owned gymnasium and a bakery owned by an AKP collaborator. In their statement they declare: “We call on all Kurdish youths to take action … Continue reading

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Turkey: Wave of Incendiary Attacks by DGH and DGKH in Solidarity with the Defenders of Afrin

The Revolutionary Youth Movement (DGH) and the Revolutionary Young Women’s Movement (DGKH) have published a written report of the actions they have taken for Afrin. On their balance sheet, the young people assessed the situation in Kurdistan and called everyone … Continue reading

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Turkey: Health of Imprisoned Grup Yorum Member Dilan Poyraz Seriously Worsening

Received on 11.02.18: Dilan Poyraz, imprisoned member of  the left-wing folk music band Grup Yorum who has been in prison for 9 months in Silivri Prison and has been experiencing serious health problems, has been sent to Gebze Women’s Prison. … Continue reading

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Turkey: Anarchist Prisoner Şevket Aslan on Hunger Strike for Over 80 Days

10.02.18: The anarchist prisoner Şevket Aslan who is being held in İzmir T Type Prison in Aliağa Şakran, is on the 81st day of what he describes as an ‘endless and irreversible’ hunger strike until his demands are met. Şevket went … Continue reading

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Minsk, Belarus: Stop the WAR, ERDOGAN!

Received on 07.02.18: Near the Turkish embassy in the centre of Minsk, Belarusian anarchists organized a protest against Erdogan’s agenda. Thus, local activists show a solidarity with comrades from Kurdistan, who are bravely fighting for the freedom and for the … Continue reading

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Greece: Syrian Revolution – Anarchist Initiative from Korydallos Prison (PDF)

As events as such write the modern world history, all revolutionary movements need to process the information available, discuss and come to conclusions and eventually choose sides and fight without failing to take the context of this historical reality into … Continue reading

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