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Hamburg, Germany: Arson Attack Against A DITIB Vehicle by Revenge Commando Ali Cicek

We, the Revenge Commando Ali Cicek hereby claim responsibility for the arson attack against a DITIB vehicle in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg on the night of Friday the 22nd of September. The silver VW Golf was located on the grounds of the Muradiye … Continue reading

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Turkey: Distributors of Anarchist Newspaper Meydan Gazetesi Sentenced to 6 Months Imprisonment

On April 21, 2017, several comrades were arrested and detained in Kadıköy, Istanbul for distributing issue 33 of the Meydan Gazetesi anarchist newspaper and a call for May Day protests. The comrades Nergis Şen, Rıfat Güven and Zeynel Çuhadar were … Continue reading

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IRPGF Celebrates the Birthday of Ş-Ivana Hoffmann, nom de guerre Avaşin Tekoşin Güneş (MLKP)

Şehid Ivana Hoffmann lost her life fighting Daiş, which is an undoubtedly selfless and courageous act. However, today, on her birthday, we choose not to focus on what she died for, but rather what she lived for. Today, we want … Continue reading

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Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany: Solidarity Action for Prisoners in Turkey and Worldwide

Received on 29.08.17: Some activists have written on the wall “Son Kafes Yikilana Kadar” Osman Evcan and Diren Coskun in Sachsen Anhalt territory of Germany. That means “Until the last cage is destroyed”. Vegan-Anarchist Osman Evcan will protest “Feast of … Continue reading

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Halberstadt, Germany: Banner for the Hunger Strikers Nuriye and Semih in Turkey

Received on 02.07.17: Today some anarchists put a banner on the railway line in Halberstadt city of Germany that says “Nuriye ve Semih Yalniz Degildir” (Nuriye and Semih Are Not Alone). Nuriye and Semih are still on hunger strike in … Continue reading

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IRPGF Statement on the One Year Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Ş. Eylem (BÖG) and Ş. Sevda (MLKP)

  30.06.17: One year ago, two heroic women revolutionaries fell Şehîd in the Battle of Manbij against the fascism of Daesh and their allied gangs including the Turkish state. Şehîd Eylem and Şehîd Sevda were fighting simultaneously for the liberation … Continue reading

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Syria: United Freedom Forces (BÖG) Commander Ulaş Bayraktaroğlu martyred during the operation to liberate Raqqa

(via ANF News) BÖG Chief Commander martyred in Raqqa operation 10.05.17: Revolutionary Communars Party/United Freedom Forces (BÖG) Chief Commander Ulaş Bayraktaroğlu lost his life in a clash with ISIS during the Raqqa operation. Bayraktaroğlu had been arrested during the Gezi … Continue reading

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