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Report-Back on Actions for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist & Antifascist Prisoners in Russia

Received on 18.02.18: On February 5-12, an International Week of solidarity with Anarchist and Antifascist Prisoners in Russia took place. 21 actions against repression were joined by 21 Russian cities and a large number of foreign comrades, from Belarus to … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Molotov Attack Against the Ukrainian Embassy by the Aleksey Mozgovoy Brigade

At dawn on Saturday, January 20th, 2018, we attacked the Ukrainian Embassy in Athens with Molotov cocktails. We attacked the diplomatic mission, the police post and the embassy vehicles. Our attack was a response to the coup and the nationalist … Continue reading

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Video: Radical Anarchists in the BUR (Belarus, Ukraine & Russia) 2008-2017

In Russia radical anarchists were defeated already in the end of 1990ies (NRA case). The last underground fighter Ilia Romanov was arrested in 2002 in Ukraine and sentenced to 10 years. But have anarchists lost their combat spirit? 10 years later a new … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Hunting Nazis in Kiev (Video)

In light of recent events among the youth there are two walking myths: the first is about the invincibility of right-wing fighters who have a firm hold on the capital and central regions and instantly punish their enemies. The second … Continue reading

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Kiev, Ukraine: New Year Armed Action by “Revenge of Marusya Nikiforova” Cell FAI

Received on 02.01.18: New Year’s walk “Marusya Nikiforova” I left the house when lights were burning in all the windows. I felt the streets were waiting for me. Taxi are passing, but I have nothing to pay, and I don’t … Continue reading

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Kiev, Ukraine: Anarchists Attack the Offices of Kyivgaz and Kyivenergo in Protest Against Gas and Electricity Tariffs

In Kiev, anarchists carried out a series of actions against Kyivgaz and Kyivenergo – two companies that have a monopoly in providing gas and electricity services to the city. At one of the offices of Kyivenergo, slogans were painted calling … Continue reading

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Dnipro, Ucrânia: Anarquistas Atacaram Encontro Fascista

13.10.17: Anarquistas fizeram uma visita ao СК “Авангард”, que entre outras coisas, é uma iniciativa do infame Batalhão Azov. Durante a visita, os ativistas quebraram as janelas e pixaram a fachada. CK “Авангард” é um lugar de reunião e treinamento … Continue reading

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