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Ukraine: Call for International Solidarity with anarchist eco-activist Taras Bogay

On the 19th of February, Taras Bogay, an anarchist and eco-activist from Lviv, Ukraine, was assaulted by a group of 20-30 drunk neo-nazis from the rightwing organisations Right Sector and the neo-nazi militia named the Azov battalion. They attacked Taras … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Anarchists attack a Nazi from Misanthropic Division in Kiev (Video & action report)

A Neo-Nazi activist from Misanthropic Division has been attacked by anarchists. This Nazi activist was also a weapons seller, owned his far-right group in social network and actively encouraged his companions to RaHoWa (Racial Holy War). He has written that … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Anarchists attack Nazis from C14 in Kiev (Video & action report)

Kiev anarchists have attacked C14 building with molotov cocktails. C14 were famous for their anti-anarchist attacks before and during Maydan in Ukraine. For example, C14 threatened to attack anarchists if they created their self defense squad at Maydan, so anarchists have … Continue reading

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Kiev, Ukraine: Anarchist demo outside the Australian embassy in solidarity with refugees on Nauru

Received on 20.08.16: Kiev, August 18. Members of Direct Action students’ union and non-organizational anarchists declare their solidarity with refugees detained by the Australian government in Nauru. We protest against detention of asylum-seekers, against pressure, which was put on them, … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Animal Liberation Front destroy 12 hunting towers in the Kiev woods region

On the weekend of 10-12 June, despite the rainy weather, activists from Animal Liberation Front Kiev went into the woods near where the river flows in the Kodra Borodyanskiy district of Kiev. We received information that in this area hunting … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Incendiary action against the “Nemo” dolphinarium by Animal Liberation Front Kiyev

Animal Liberation Front (Kyiv) burned the banner at the dolphinarium “Nemo”. We consider that the existence of any concentration camps in the world is unacceptable. The image of burning dolphin on the banner symbolizes the suffering of these wonderful and … Continue reading

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Ukraine: State Savings Bank attacked with molotovs for May Day 2016

Received and translated on 01.05.16: On the eve of ‘International Workers Day’, we – the anarchists paid a visit to the State Savings Bank of Ukraine. Three molotov cocktails were thrown into the windows of this establishment. Workers always bent … Continue reading

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