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Soltau, Germany: #Fight4Afrin – Molotov Attack Against Military Vehicles by Anti-Militarist Group Sehid Efrin Polat

13.03.18: Armed with Molotov cocktails, we attacked and burned some vehicles from the German army (Bundeswehr) in Soltau last night. The trucks were parked on a NATO-wire-secured site in the Soltau industrial area, Carl-Benz-Strasse. We acted in solidarity with the fighting … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: Molotov Attack Against a DİTİB Propaganda Center

11.03.18: In Berlin there was an action with Molotov cocktails against a DİTİB (Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs) propaganda center. DİTİB is directly controlled by the fascist Turkish State and receives its instructions from them. When the international attack against … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: ‘A Message to our Unknown Comrades in the Urban Jungle of Prison Society’ by Violent Minority Cell FAI

Received on 08.03.18: The burning of security vehicles in Berlin as a useful tool of communication. By quoting from other responsibility claims, we follow the proposal of relating to each other in order to develop a wider mobilisation of the … Continue reading

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Narrm / Melbourne, So-Called Australia: Anti-Golden Dawn Banner Drop Behind Enemy Lines

Received on 28.02.18: On Sunday the 25th of February, 2018, a small group of antifascists successfully hung several banners on an overpass pedestrian crossing, which was along the route of a Greek patriot march which primarily rallied around the nationalist … Continue reading

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Grecia: Acción de solidaridad para el prisionero de guerra anarquista “Dinos”, Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou

[Traducido por Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras desde Insurrection News] 20.02.18: Hubo un evento de micrófono abierto en solidaridad con el compañero anarquista K. Yiagtzoglou en los Propileos. Se colgaron pancartas, se distribuyeron textos y se lanzaron folletos. Esta fue una muestra … Continue reading

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Besançon, France: Graffiti in Solidarity with the Insurgents in Iran

(via Sans Attendre Demain)

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Florida, USA: Tampa Sex Workers and Allies Fight City Hall

Received on 05.01.18:    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 4, 2017 in Tampa, Florida, United States of America Press Spokesperson, Syd at 727.282.4115 Email Facebook page Hashtags #Jan6 #DecolonizeKennedy No to the “Bathhouse” Ordinance Rally! Date: January 6, 2018 Time: 4 … Continue reading

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