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Afrin Is Not Defeated! (Video)

Received on 24.03.18: Compilation of video messages for World Afrin Day in solidarity with Afrin from revolutionary organizations around the world. Afrin Is Not Defeated! Long Live The Rojava Revolution! Fight4Afrin! 

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Uruguay: For a Black December

BLACK DECEMBER Our call, once again, is for action… Action against those who try to dominate our lives, against those who try to make our lives a misery, against those who have imposed a role of power for their own … Continue reading

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Uruguay: Solidarity with the Anarchists Persecuted by Operation Erebo in Brazil (Esp/Port/Eng)

Solidaridad con lxs perseguidxs por la operación Erebo en Brasil. Desde el 24 de octubre en la ciudad de Porto Alegre, RS. Se viene llevando adelante una nueva operación represiva y de amedrentamiento sobre el movimiento antiautoritario y anarquista en … Continue reading

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Montevideo, Uruguay: Incendiary Attack Against the Argentine Military Attaché’s Office by Invisible Nocturnal Commando

At dawn on Tuesday the 24th of October, an incendiary attack was carried out on the building that houses the Argentine Military Attaché’s office in Montevideo. The attack caused significant damage to the facade of the building. Faced with the … Continue reading

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Montevideo, Uruguay: Action Against McDonald’s

Within the context of ‘Month for the Earth and Against Capital’ an action took place at the Montevideo Shopping branch of McDonald’s. Rejecting the activity of this multinational that is sustained at the cost of the exploitation of millions of … Continue reading

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Montevideo, Uruguay: About the raids and arrests linked to La Solidaria Social Center

On Tuesday April 04, members of Police Intelligence and the regular police carried out two coordinated raids linked to the La Solidaria Social Center. The raids ended with 5 comrades detained, one of whom was charged and bailed, accused of criminal damage. This accusation could … Continue reading

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Montevideo, Uruguay: Incendiary attack against the Argentine Military Attaché building by Fania Kaplan Incendiary Bitches

On February 2 a building of the Argentine State (Military Attaché) located in the Pocitos area was the target of our hatred for the repression carried out in December 2016 against demonstrators who oppose the ecological devastation generated by the … Continue reading

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