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Berlin, Germany: #Fight4Afrin – Commerzbank Branch Attacked

In solidarity with the Kurds fighting in Afrin, last night we broke the windows of the Commerzbank branch at Tierpark in Lichtenburg with rocks. In addition a message was painted on the facade (the bank removed it). The Commerzbank finances, … Continue reading

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Java, Indonesia: Libertarian Student Federation (FML) Call for Direct Violence Against all forms of Sexual Repression in Indonesia at #WomensMarch2018

07.03.18: At Women’s March 2018 in Salatiga (a city in Central Java province), the Libertarian Student Federation (FML) called for the direct use of violence against all forms of sexual repression in Indonesia. This is a response to the RKUHP … Continue reading

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Melbourne, Australia: Action at the Turkish Consulate on International Women’s Day in Solidarity with Afrin

Received on 08.03.18: On March 8th, International Women’s Day, a group of women, gender diverse people and a cis-male ally successfully bypassed security and entered the consulate of the fascist Turkish State in Narrm / Melbourne, so-called Australia to voice … Continue reading

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Berlin, Germany: Cafe Owned by Turkish Fascists Targeted by Young Women’s Revenge Unit Şehid Viyan Soran

07.02.18: On Wednesday night in Berlin, young women angered by the attacks of the occupying Turkish army carried out a radical action against a cafe run by Turkish fascists. In the lead-up to March 8 (International Women’s Day), Young Women’s … Continue reading

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Florida, USA: ‘Tampa’s Dark Ages’ – Urgent Appeal from the Sex Worker Solidarity Network

Received on 20.12.17: The “Bathhouse Ordinance” it’s called: flying under the radar of dedicated activists and sex workers alike, the City of Tampa has revived a homophobic law in hopes of targeting “sex traffickers.” But it isn’t difficult to see … Continue reading

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Frankfurt, Germany: German Association for a Christian Culture (DVCK) Centre Attacked by Autonomist Feminists

“During the night of November 16, 2017 we attacked the headquarters of the Christian fundamentalist group DVCK (German Association for a Christian Culture) in Frankfurt. With a fire-extinguisher full of pink paint and some political slogans we redecorated their whole … Continue reading

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The Desire to End the Logic of Victimization by Creating Strong Affinity Groups & Attacking: An Empowerment of Praxis (France)

Because we do not want to remain in the position of victims that society would like to categorize us by recognizing us as women. Victims, because we would not be able to be autonomous, to defend ourselves, to lead our … Continue reading

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