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Athens, Greece: Demonstration to Defend the Squats Community of Koukaki & in Solidarity with Squats & Places of Struggle

Almost a year ago, a new project bloomed in the neighborhood of Koukaki. We created a community of housing and struggling squats. We occupied three empty buildings which were getting rotten at Matrozou 45, Panaitoliou 21 and Arvali 3. We … Continue reading

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Greece: Call from Radiofragmata for International ‘Fuck Nations, Squat The World’ Actions

The anarchist squats ought to be a thorn for the repression mechanisms, against every dominant expression of the existing system. All things considered, they ought to be thorns against the social norm, against the alienated everyday life of decay that … Continue reading

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Greece: Molotov attack against Zaimi 11 squat in Exarchia, Athens

Zaimi 11 squat–Polymorphous Action Space of Anarchists was attacked by unknown persons with two Molotov cocktails. In the early hours of Tuesday, February 16th 2016, at around 04:40am, the squatted Polymorphous Action Space of Anarchists Zaimi 11 was attacked by … Continue reading

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