Santiago, Chile: Incendiary attack against an electricity box on the IIRSA Project freeway (Eng/Esp)

Received and translated on 22.02.17:

In South America and Chile, the IIRSA (Initiative for the Integration of the Regional Infrastructure of South America) is advancing, and as individuals at war with civilization and power we do not sit idly by.

In the city of Santiago, one of its points of intervention is the cement mega-structure “Acceso Sur” (Access South), which starts the freeway that facilitates the transportation of goods from the center to the south of the country. This construction violently intervenes in the everyday landscape of the surrounding populations.

In the week of agitation against the IIRSA we illuminated the night with insurgent fire by burning an electricity box on that disgusting highway, demonstrating that power and its mega-projects remain vulnerable.

We materialize the hatred that continues under the cement of the streets and behind the walls of prisons in resistance and offensive against state power. This is why we greet Nataly Casanova, Juan Flores, Enrique Guzmán, the compañerxs of the “PDI Case”, the comrades Tato and Sol, the compañerxs of the “Security Case”, Mónica, Francisco, compañero Joaquín García and all the compañerxs in the jails of Greece, Spain, Italy, and the world.

Neither green capitalism nor ecological states.
To multiply the acts of autonomy and direct attack against the power and its projects that destroy the Earth and seek to dominate our lives.

Everyday Saboteurs for Anarchy


Santiago, Chile: Ataque incendiario a caja de electricidad en autopista del Proyecto IIRSA.

En américa del sur y en Chile, el IIRSA avanza, y como individuxs en guerra con la civilización y el poder no nos quedamos de brazos cruzados.

En la ciudad de Santiago, uno de sus puntos de intervención es la mega-estructura de cemento “Acceso Sur” que da inicio a la autopista que facilita el transporte de mercancías desde el centro hacia el sur del país. Esta construcción intervino con violencia el paisaje cotidiano de las poblaciones que existen alrededor.

En la semana de agitación contra el IIRSA iluminamos la noche con fuego insurrecto incendiando una caja de electricidad de esa asquerosa autopista, demostrando que el poder y sus mega proyectos siguen siendo vulnerables.

Materializamos el odio que bajo el cemento de las calles tras los muros de las prisiones continua en resistencia y ofensiva contra el poder. Por eso saludamos a lxs compañerxs Nataly Casanova, Juan Flores, Enrique Guzmán, a lxs compañerxs del “Caso PDI”, a las compañeras Tato y Sol, a lxs compañerxs del “Caso Security”, a Mónica, Francisco, al compañero Joaquín García y a todxs lxs compañerxs en las cárceles de Grecia, España, Italia y el mundo.

Ni capitalismo verde ni Estados ecológicos.
A multiplicar los actos de autonomía y ataque directo contra el poder y sus proyectos que destruyen la Tierra y buscan dominar nuestras vidas.

Saboteadorxs de lo cotidiano por la anarquía.

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The Netherlands: Comrade placed in isolation due to inability to scan fingerprints


The comrade who was arrested last Saturday after a spontaneous demonstration in the Schilderswijk, The Hague (Netherlands), is still being kept by the authorities. They are building up the pressure on him and are making his situation even more difficult. He is momentarily being kept in an isolation cell in a prison in Alphen aan den Rijn.

Last Saturday 20 people demonstrated in the Schilderswijk against police violence and repression. The demonstration was not announced to the authorities and scattered after about 15 minutes due to mounting police presence. After the police searched the neighborhood 7 people were arrested, 6 of them were released within a couple of hours. The last person is still in custody. He is being charged with a simple misdemeanor; public order disturbance. A case that usually results in 6 to 12 hours of custody and carries a maximum punishment of a fine. But our comrade has not been released yet.

He is still being kept because the public prosecutor claims he did not collaborate with a fingerprint scan. This is untrue. At the police station he cooperated with the scan but the scanner could not read his fingerprints due to them being covered in glue. The inability to perform a scan due to practical reasons is an entirely different case. Nonetheless our comrade was brought before a preliminary judge. The judge decided to keep him in custody until his court case on the 1st of March.

Isolation and bullying
After the decision of the judge he was transferred to the prison at Alphen aan den Rijn. There he was placed in an isolation cell and received no registration number and is now unable to receive mail.

Al these repressive measures seem to be revenge for an action against police violence, an action which specifically aimed itself against the repression of people who struggle against police violence. The justice system says that suspects are not obliged to cooperate with their own prosecution. Now it is clear that the system interprets the law as it sees fit.

We call on everyone to spread this message as much as possible and to come to the court case on the 1st of March. The case will start at 13:30h and will happen in Paleis van Justitie, Prins Clauslaan 60 in The Hague. We gather at 12:45 at the entrance. Of course there are lots of other ways to show your anger and solidarity.

Solidarity with our imprisoned comrade! We are fucking angry and want him free!

(via Autonomen Den Haag)

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An anarchist look at the forest fires in south-central Chile


Received and translated on 22.02.17:

An anarchist look at the forest fires in south-central Chile
And on the attempts of the power to take advantage aiming at the Mapuche and anarchist subversion.

For a couple of weeks, the expansion of various firefighting areas in the forest industry business in the south-central part of the country has been reported in Chile. These fires were spread over various territories and have resulted in irreparable damage to various natural ecosystems and native forests, reaching homes and causing the deaths of people and a large number of animals in what is already a true ecocide that is still continuing.

These forest fires and their consequences have become the subject of the news agenda in recent weeks, with the political, business and media class (dis)informing and imposing a version of the origin of the fires that omits- or leaves last – any responsibility on the part of forestry companies. In turn, given the magnitude of the catastrophe, several groups and organizations seek to support the devastated territories and criticize from various positions the way the government has tackled the problem.

As anarchists, enemies of this and any society, but part of a context that we cannot elude with our silence, we want to propagate a few ideas to sharpen the practical criticism against the domination towards the earth and those who inhabit it.

I. About those who are truly responsible

Despite the media campaign deployed by the power, it is a fact that the responsibility for the eco-catastrophe produced by the fires lies mainly and without any doubt in the forest and its mono-culture pine and eucalyptus protected and promoted by the State for the business enrichment that devastates ecosystems and communities.

Some environmental organizations, with whom we agree only on some analysis and data, such as the Network for the Defense of Territories, rightly maintain that the main causes of the catastrophe facing the Chilean region are related to the (neo-liberal) forest model that underpins the Chilean state in favor of the multi-million dollar oligopoly, which has been maintained for more than 40 years. This is because the fires, for the most part, have had their origin in mono-culture plantations.

In an article, these organizations point out that “the effects of eucalyptus plantations on soil moisture reserves begin to appear at the age of 4 to 6 years, after which the water deficit during the year is similar to that observed in a mature forest (FAO, 1987). Transpiration rates differ between species of eucalyptus, fluctuating between approximately 20 and 40 liters / tree / day. Forest plantations require a large amount of water for their development, so their impact on the availability of water resources is especially important in the less rainy areas of Chile.”

The same network points out that “in Chile there are an estimated three million hectares of forest plantations in the southern center, of which some seven hundred and fifty thousand hectares (750,000 hectares) belong to the holding CMPC whose main company is Forestal Mininco, controlled by the Matte group. The remainder, concentrates more than one million two hundred thousand hectares (1,200,000) that corresponds to the holding Copec-Antar Chil whose main forestry business is Celco-Aruco de Angelini…From the Military Dictatorship to the civil governments, all have defended this business, calling the development to the opening of new outbreaks of extraction and services for the forest industry, forest plantations as forest and calling the rule of law to the imposition of business will through repression and state terrorism.”

For its part, the ‘summary’ information portal notes that “pine and eucalyptus plantations, cellulose plants and all the road and port infrastructure at its service, are elements that, at the same time, constitute the co-generation of a substantial and exclusive business that represents the exploitation of the territories they occupy and the impoverishment of their communities.”

Despite all this, despite their efforts to divert attention, it is clear who is truly and mainly responsible. But there is still more.

II. The power and its efforts to take advantage of the situation

In the midst of this context, along with the traditional calls for national unity and the social alignment of people and the State under one and the same interest, sectors linked to political and economic power have tried to propagate the thesis that the forest fires and their consequences have been caused by Mapuche groups or ‘terrorist’ anarchists, directing the focus away from forestry companies and targeting the not so new internal enemies of the Chilean state. The mass media, faithful to their roles as accomplices of power, amplify such theses. The government has publicly discounted the participation of such groups after investigating, but nevertheless reinforces the idea of the ‘ghost of terrorism’ as a way of explaining social problems and as a way of justifying repression towards Mapuche and anarchist subversion.

An example of this has been the recent arrest of a Mapuche comunero and a person from Santiago accused of being part of a ‘guerrilla school’. Press reports have also surfaced about links between Mapuche, anarchists and former members of leftist military political organizations in connection with investigations into explosive / incendiary attacks and assaults on money-carrying trucks in southern Chile.

Recently in the Chilean parliament proposals are being discussed for the modification of the Antiterrorist Law, seeking to expand its faculties to add amendments that incorporate the figure of the ‘individual terrorist’, thus avoiding the accusers having to discuss whether the accused person belongs to an organization classified as terrorist.

In this way, power seeks to take advantage of the situation while the eyes of the alienated masses are focused on the fires and applauding the actions of private fire-fighters and the bourgeois who make their hypocritical donations in the midst of socio-environmental ecocide.

III. For the need to propagate criticism and radical action against civilization and power.

For our part, as anarchists / anti-authoritarians, we are not interested in naively demanding the State to break with the business interests of groups such as Matte and Angelini, or to oversee, regulate or end the forestry business. What we are interested in is propagating radical criticism that explains how the problem has roots that are deeper than neo-liberalism, that are a consequence of the relation of power over nature and the land being understood as a commodity in the services of anthropocentric, civilized and capitalist human interests. A vision that over centuries and millennia has intervened, modified and destroyed native ecosystems and communities that are wild and alien to the commodification of nature under the name of ‘development’ or ‘progress’.

We are not interested in demanding change from an economic model to a less ‘invasive’, ‘low impact’ or ‘sustainable’ model as proposed by citizenship and legal reformism.

We are interested in destroying the state and all relationships of power, re-planting native forests and at the same time fostering independent practices of living that do not depend on the market or the state or anyone trying to profit from our lives. This is always in the hands of the practice of direct action in all its forms, including the direct attack against the structures of domination, exploitation and devastation, and their leaders and accomplices in society.

No platform for legalism or petitionism.
To delegitimize the speeches of power.
Responding to the call for war against the IIRSA project.
To strengthen the networks of autonomy and direct action.
Against civilization and all forms of authority and domination.

Some anarchists.
Chilean Region.
February 2017

Original Spanish text: documento (PDF)

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Greece: Sixth appeals trial hearing of imprisoned anarchist-communist comrade Tasos Theofilou


Yiannis Kontos

The 6th hearing of the appeals trial of the anarchist-communist Tasos Theofilou at the Appeals Court of Athens, concluded today with the testimonies of the final prosecution witnesses. A high-ranking member of the counter-terrorism unit was the only witness who did not participate in the trial as he was allegedly abroad. It does not come as a surprise that, once again, none of the witnesses recognized Tasos Theofilou as one of the perpetrators of the robbery and the violent act that followed.

The first testimony was given by a woman who was standing outside the branch of Alpha Bank and witnessed the embroilment and the escape of the perpetrators.

Presiding Judge: What do you know about the case?

Witness: I was there by accident, around 8 o’ clock in the morning.

Presiding Judge: What did you see through the blinds?

Witness: I saw that it was busy and it was out of the ordinary so I decided not to go in. A van was parked on the right side of the bank. Then 3-4 people whose appearance was very strange came out. They were wearing clothes that were strange for that time of the day. Their faces were not revealed. There were many gunshots.

Presiding Judge: What did you find out afterwards?

Witness: I realized that there was a murder and then the chase begun.

Presiding Judge: Was there a sea storm on that day?

Witness: I don’t think it was windy.

Prosecutor: Did you see them (note: the robbers) on their way out?

Witness: I could not see them from where I was standing

Prosecutor: Were they wearing scarves and hats?

Witness: Yes.

Prosecutor: Were they carrying guns?

Witness: They carried large objects on one side.

Prosecutor: Did you think that those were guns?

Witness: I can’t be sure.

Prosecutor: Do you remember the order they walked out of the bank? Who was closed to the taxi-rank?

Witness: I remember that the two were taller and the third was shorter.

Prosecutor: Whom did Michas fall onto?

Witness: I think the first one. I can only tell what I saw.

Prosecutor: Which one was that?

Witness: I can’t tell them apart.

Prosecutor: Did the two carry any weapons?

Witness: I can’t be sure.

Prosecutor: Were their faces hidden?

Witness: They were wearing a lot considering it was summer.

Prosecutor: Did the they all wear hats?

Witness: I can’t be sure.

Prosecutor: As they were leaving the scene did you witness who was the shooter and the direction the shots were fired?

Witness: I do not remember.

The persistence exhibited by the prosecutor and the civil action counsels, in an effort to discover inconsistencies between the witness’ current testimony in comparison to her previous one, by suggesting “the right answers,” prompted Kostas Papadakis, Tasos Theofilou’s attorney, to comment.

“According to Article 357, paragraph 4, of the Code of Criminal Procedures, questions are not asked in order to establish that the witness would repeat their previous testimony. The witness is not expected to pass a test based on the content of the previous testimony.” he commented reasonably. Then the cross-examination of the witness started.

Kostas Papadakis- (Defendant’s attorney): Does the defendant look familiar?

Witness: I did not see any faces, I have never seen this man before, never in my life.

Papadakis: In your initial testimony, you mentioned that the shooter was the short one among the three.

Witness: That’s the angle I had at the time. Maybe it was post-traumatic shock.

Papadakis: Did you see a hat falling of someone or lying on the ground?

Witness: I cannot remember right now.

Papadakis: Were you asked by the police for your finger prints?

Witness: No.

Papadakis: Were you shown the evidence?

Witness: No.

Annie Paparrousou (Defense attorney): What did you hear about the cowboy hat?

Witness: I did not discuss with anyone afterward. I left from the island the following day.

Annie Paparrouusou said the following in relation to the way the witness was examined by the prosecutor:
“The prosecution ought to investigate innocence and guilt equally. Is a witness’ first impression always the right one? No. There was an obvious effort to lead the witness, which the witness did not consent. I am mainly interested in the connection of the defendant to the accusations.”

The next prosecution witness, who testified at court for the first time, was the only one who was shown the hat, in order to recognize it as evidence.

She began her testimony by saying the following:

“I see a young man setting on the kerb, on the small bridge (note: located close to the square, minutes before the violent embroilment erupted), talking via a hands-free device and saying the phrase: all is good. He looked at me with a strange look in his eyes. He was wearing a linen jacket, a gray top and had a tennis racket in a case on his left hand side.”

Presiding Judge: was he bulky/corpulent?

Witness: I wouldn’t call him bulky.

Presiding Judge: Did you see him afterward?

Witness: I never saw anyone again.

Presiding Judge: What did he look like?

Witness: He had brown curly hair, small beard and bright-coloured eyes.

Presiding Judge: Was the beard fake?

Witness: I can’t say for sure.

Presiding Judge: Was he wearing a hat?

Witness: Yes, it was beige, cream, like a cowboy hat.

Presiding Judge: What was he doing?

Witness: In my opinion he had a 360 degrees angle.

Presiding Judge: Do you recognize the defendant?

Witness: No, I have not seen hm.

Presiding Judge: Are you sure?

Witness: I am sure.

Next, the witness was asked whether she was shown a hat, how it was brought to her and whether she actually saw it. In her response she stated that she “took a close look,” “they got it out of the bag,” while “they must have held it with something. There were two people not wearing any kind of uniform, but had gloves on.’

Annie Paparrousou: Did you hold the hat?

Witness: No.

Paparrousou: Were you shown a picture of the arrestee ?

Witness: I do not remember. I have my doubts but I must have been shown some pictures.

“This is the first and only witness who was shown the hat. There were 26 prosecution witnesses in total, why was not anyone else summoned to see and recognize this hat? When the investigator showed her pictures, the witness did no recognize Theofilou and this is recorded, it means that the intention was to penalize Theofilou and not to find out the truth” commented Kostas Papadakis.

“I saw a man behind the counter, the staff was ”frozen” and a gentleman was sitting down. Then, it so happened that one of the robbers turned around and I saw that he was wearing a scarf. Another one behind the counter was wearing a cowboy hat,” testified the next witness.

Presiding Judge: Long or short sleeves?

Witness: I do not remember.

Presiding Judge: Was he wearing glasses?

Witness: I think the two were wearing glasses. I did not take a detailed look on third one.

Presiding Judge: At what distance did you look at him?

Witness: It must have been about 6 metres, I imagine.

Presiding Judge: How did they get out of the bank?

Witness: One was behind the other, running.

Presiding Judge: Where were you?

Witness: Across the street (note: from the bank entrance).

Presiding Judge: What was your visibility?

Witness: It was good.

Presiding Judge: How did they shoot?

Witness: Obviously for intimidation, they did not want to kill .

Presiding Judge: Whom did Michas (note: the victim) fall onto?

Witness: I do not know, I thought I was watching a western movie.

Presiding Judge: Did you see a hat on the ground?

Witness: I think, I can’t be sure. A cellphone was on the ground.

Papadakis: Were you shown a hat?

Witness: I don’t think so, what had I said? (the audience is laughing).

Papadakis: Does the defendant look familiar?

Witness: This one is a good guy, I can tell.

Annie Paparrousou: In your second testimony on the 3/10/2012 were you asked to identify him? He was already under arrest.

Witness: I do not remember what I was shown, I do not have a good memory. I can’t even remember what I ate yesterday.

“I was at the square in an office where we were having coffee. We heard someone say “there is a robbery going on” and two gunshots. I saw two people dressed up with their guns facing  upwards, the two were in blue, the other one in green. Demetris (note: the victim) fell onto one of them” said the next eye-witness.

Presiding Judge:  He fell  onto whom?

Witness: Not the one with the cowboy hat.

Presiding  Judge: What did he look like?

Witness: He was dressed in blue.

Presiding Judge: And the hat?

Witness: Summer hat, with a brim.

Presiding Judge: Did they get into a fight?

Witness: There was a struggle.

Presiding Judge: How many shots were heard?

Witness: At least three.

Presiding Judge: When did you testify?

Witness: In the afternoon on that same day, I think.

Presiding Judge: Were you shown a hat?

Witness: No, I was not shown a hat.

Presiding Judge: Did you see it?

Witness: Very quickly.

Presiding Judge: What colour was it?

Witness: Was it green, was it fuchsia….

Presiding Judge: Was it worn by the shooter?

Witness: I cannot say.

Prosecutor: Who struggled with Michas (note: the victim)?

Witness: I am under the impression it was with the last one.

Prosecutor: The one wearing a white jacket?

Witness: With the last one.

Papadakis: Do you recognize the defendant?

Witness: I cannot recognize him.

Papadakis: Was there a hat on the ground?

Witness: There was a hat on the ground.

Papadakis: Did the police ask any questions regarding the hat?

Witness: I can’t remember.

While the witness was standing at the crime scene, he was given a mobile phone by an unknown person.

Paparrousou (Theofilou’s attorney): Why were you given the phone?

Witness: I don’t know, I was told it was from the fight.

“At that time I was at the confectionery-cafe I work. Around 8 o’ clock, I heard someone say “There is a robbery going on” and headed to the bank. I saw the blinds closed and three people came out soon after. Out of the three, one was taller than the others” said the next prosecution witness.

Presiding Judge: What kind of hats did they wear?

Witness: A cowboy hat at the front, I can’t recall the others…

Presiding Judge: What colour was it?

Witness: I do not remember.

Presiding Judge: Were they wearing glasses?

Witness: I do not remember.

According to the witness, the robber who fought with the victim was “the shortest, with the short black hair,” which irritated the prosecution.

Presiding Judge: Did Michas fall on the ground from embracing the robber (note: during the struggle)?

Witness: I believe so, but did not actually witness that.

Presiding Judge: What type of clothing did the one who struggled with Michas wearing?

Witness: I do not remember. I grabbed a stone, I wanted to get his attention but did not make it.

Presiding Judge: How far away were you standing from Michas?

Witness: 15-20 metres.

Presiding Judge: Do you recognize the defendant at all?

Witness: No.

The witness did not notice the infamous hat or a cellphone on the ground, while he was never shown any evidence collected from the crime scene.

Prosecutor: Which one of the three did Michas struggle with?

Witness: It must have been the last one.

Prosecutor: Did he fire any shots against you?

Witness: He turned his gun against me, but I squatted behind a car.

“I did not see anyone shooting at me or threatening me” responded the witness with disarming sincerity to a question posed by the defendant’s counsel Kostas Papadakis. The witness did not even remember hearing a gunshot.

“I saw him here for the first time” answered the next witness, an employee at a nearby hotel, to a question of the presiding judge on whether Theofilou looked familiar. She spoke of someone aged 39-40 years old, with a beige jacket, cowboy hat, glasses, dark skin, beard, sideburns, “really tall with broad shoulders” who asked information from her regarding renting a room at the hotel.

“I saw this young man (note: Tasos Theofilou) for the first time at court, when you called us” stated the final witness of the case. After all, he had never heard of anyone recognize him as the robber, or of any collected evidence, while he could not remember where he had signed his initial testimony.

The next hearing was on Friday February 17th at the Athens Court of Appeals room 120B, 6th floor, 9 pm.

(via Hit and Run, translated by BlackCat)

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France: Protests and attacks against the CIGEO nuclear disposal project in Bure

On Saturday, February 19, in Bure, in the north-east of France, a demo took place in the forest to support the occupation there and then on to the research lab of the planned nuclear waste disposal facility CIGEO. In the process, the ANDRA (French nuclear waste disposal agency) was pushed back more or less symbolically to a section of its illegally constructed wall in the forest. A small action report.

More than 700 people took part in Bure’s February 2017 events, which in the late afternoon resulted in violent protests and massive attacks against the site of the nuclear waste disposal agency ANDRA.

For over a year, the progress of the nuclear waste disposal project CIGEO has been effectively hampered by the resistance of the anti-nuclear movement in Lorraine. In spite of evictions, wall construction and legal attacks and counter-attacks, the forest occupation in the Bois Lejuc and the protest against the apocalyptic-industry-thousand-century-project also extends beyond the region. So there were more or less symbolic expressions of solidarity in other cities – hundreds came to the action day.

Already on Tuesday and Thursday there were nocturnal actions and attacks on the laboratory and its greenwashing department, resulting in considerable damage to the barriers that had been partially replaced by NATO wire rolls. A large bunch of cops prevented people from reaching the buildings in the afternoon, however, large sections of the remaining fence, reinforcements, dead trees and much more were constructed into barricades during a multi-hour field battle. While the cops were attacking and bombarding the demonstrators with tear gas as well as offensive and / or concussion grenades, numerous demonstrators attacked infrastructure and handlers of the nuclear capital decisively and vehemently for two hours. There were several injuries on both sides and at least three arrests.

There will be further decisive processes in the coming week and this spring. Support the forest occupation, support Bure!

The anti-nuclear struggle in Bure dismantles nuclear companies everywhere!

(via Linksunten Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

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Berlin, Germany: Arson attack on a police station against the Police Congress & the G20 Summit


18.02.17: On February 21/22 the European Police Congress will take place for the 20th time in Berlin. On this occasion at the Berlin Congress Center (BCC), war mongers, human hunters and security fanatics meet to propagate their despicable machinations.

In addition to Thomas Thomas de Maizière, the Federal Minister of the Interior and Hans-Georg Maaßen, the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, agents and guards of all types will be represented by Europol, Frontex, BKA, LKAs and many other authorities. Also present will be lobbyists, entrepreneurs and war ministries such as Heckler & Koch, Taser, Rheinmetal and developers of monitoring software and communications technology such as SAP, IBM and Vodafone will also be present.

Under the slogan – Europe limitless? Freedom, mobility, security – the coming campaigns in which authority is put into position will be discussed and the appropriate technologies and weapons will be brought into the field.
Words such as limitless, freedom and mobility are above all the transnational cooperation of the repressive European bodies, the exchange of data and knowledge and the militarization of Europe and its external borders.

We find such a meeting an insult and think: “These pigs, this must not be..NO!” Just as insulting is the G20 summit that is to be held in the summer in Hamburg. The defenders of the existent and those responsible for the prevailing misery have not earned themselves a platform. This is why we conspired against the system of borders and control, and attacked the police building of the Kriminalpolizei (criminal investigation agency) in Directorate 6 with two sets of incendiaries and a tire.

For all those who are separated from us by fences and walls.

For the hundreds of thousands of people who have to risk their lives on the outer borders of Europe.

For the two imprisoned anarchists who were arrested due to a joint operation by the Spanish Audiencia Nacional and the LKA North Rhine-Westphalia and accused of a bank expropriation in Aachen and have been in court since January.

For Pola Roupa and Konstantina Athanasopoulou, who were recently arrested and imprisoned in Greece because of their membership of the Revolutionary Struggle group.

For Gabriel Pombo da Silva, who was temporarily detained by the Spanish state’s guard dogs at the end of January and confronted with the construct of the ‘illegal arms and ammunition trade and the founding of an armed group.”

For the revolt in the Parisian suburbs that has been going on in the streets for over a week against the racist police attacks.

Fire and flames against repression – down with fortress Europe
See you in Hamburg – Tschüss! (Bye!)


To all interested parties who would like to give the companies and institutions involved in the police convention some further affection:

(BAK), BMS (Broadcast Microwave Services), BONOWI International Police Equipment GmbH, Bosch, Bundesdruckerei GmbH, BDK, Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ ), BDA – BerlinDataAnalytics, Busch, PROTEctive, Canon, Capgemini, Cellebrite, Cognitec, CONTURN, CSC, Cyberakademie, Daimler AG, Dallmeier, Data-Warehouse GmbH , Deutsche Polizeigewerkschaft DpolG, DVZ DATA PROCESSING CENTER, ICE Aircraft GmbH, EFB-Elektronik GmbH, EQA SafeCity Technologies, Ericsson, Esri Deutschland GmbH, eu-LISA, Eurocommand GmbH, FutureLAB AG, Gaus- HELIOS Privatkliniken GmbH, HP Inc, Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH, IABG, IBM, Information and Education Center Schloss Gimborn (IBZ), IfmPt, INTERNATIONAL POLICE ASSOCIATION (IPA), Jenoptik, KRD Sicherheitstechnik, Kaspersky Lab, KEMAS, Kowa, KRIMINALISTIK, Microsoft Germany GmbH, MOBOTIX, Motorola Solutions, MSAB, NetApp, Panasonic Computer Product Solutions (CPS), PDV-Systeme GmbH, PLATH Group, RCS, Rheinmetall AG, Roadmetric, Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity, rola Security Solutions GmbH, SAP, Sapite GmbH, Scheer E2E AG, Schmidt & Bender GmbH & Co., Schoenhofer Sales and Engineering GmbH, Sciengines, Seccon Group, Stashcat, T3K-Forensics, Trivadis, Schelhorn, OWiG Software GmbH, secunet, Sinc, Smartfrog, Sopra Steria, STOOF International, SVA System Sales Alexander GmbH, Taser – Axon, TASSTA, Ulbrichts Protection, Unisys, Verseidag – Indutex GmbH, VIMTEC – FAST, Vites, VirtualSolution, Vitronic, Vodafone

(via Linksunten Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

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We Need To Act On Our Own Terms!


Lately, we’ve witnessed right-wing populists, nationalists, racists, and fascists of all types licking their lips, emboldened by the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. Following this torturous, political freak-show, we have already seen the dangerous realities and challenges it will bring about. Many from the right have come to see this as their moment to shine, while for many more it presents some sort of mythical return to a time of “greatness, prosperity, and freedom”.

Groups such as the One Nation Party led by Pauline Hanson in Australia are using this platform, feeding off growing popular discontent and alienation, in order to spread and enforce their conservative agenda. And in so doing, continuing to perpetuate and enforce the ideas and presence of nationalist, right-wing political parties, academics and individuals the world over. Acting as alternatives within a rotten system, they attempt to offer the moon and present themselves as saviours in order to capitalise on the bankruptcy of representative democracy and succeed in taking political power.

They deceive, divide and spew their hatred. They demonise workers, the poor, unemployed, immigrants and refugees; while always attacking those who make the choice to resist as violent thugs impinging on their freedoms. But they don’t care about freedom in any sense of the word. They –just like the super-rich- run to hide behind a state that is always invasive and controlling, asking for more and more repression, calling for more police and tougher laws to crush social movements and deal with dissent. They aren’t against the system, and the system isn’t there to help you.

Everything is calculated to promote apathy, giving the impression that all the important decisions in the world are out of our hands. That’s the point of state politics: to immobilise us outside the halls of power, forcing us to distrust each other and ourselves. Offered only confusion and fear, we are forced into choosing, not liberation, but the false idea of  “change”. As is the case with every administration time after time that offers solutions and promises; but delivers only control and repression, exploitation and misery.

Here, in the territory dominated by the colonialist state, Australia, we already live amid the currents of a historically racist, nationalist status-quo, with a conveyor belt of conservative fanatics, and racist/fascist movements. There is no doubt that many have and will continue to use this as their opportunity to capitalise, manipulating and exploiting people to direct their anxiety and frustration towards each other, rather than the structures of power that oppress everyone, everywhere.

Meanwhile the corrupt and special treatment dished out to political and corporate elites is as despicable as the striking passivity which is injected into us all and causes us to sit idle while ever-increasing repressive laws are introduced in the name of ‘National Security’; while more and more police occupy our streets and communities with impunity; while politicians go from private sector to politics and back again. All the while deaths in custody, deaths at work, homelessness, criminalisation of the poor and ecological collapse continue.

We as anarchists are under no illusion that there could be any politician, or political party, capable of delivering us freedom from domination, repression, exploitation and fascism. Our opposition needs to be directed, not against one particular representative, but against the ideas of state, capitalism and representation itself. Against the collusion of liberals who would rather preserve the apparatus of the state even in the hands of outright fascists than permit real freedom to emerge; against the hypocrisy and deceit of the parrots in the mass media that seek to reduce us to mere spectators in a violent game that leaves all our lives, and the very earth itself, on a knife’s edge.

One of the fundamental problems is that power is structured into such vertical concentrations; that any person or institution could wield so much power in the first place. A man like Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin could never be so dangerous if we didn’t hand the responsibility of our own lives over to governments and capitalism.

Putting another party in power won’t fix this. In fact, the persistent and naïve belief that the right government could solve the problems generated by global capitalism are partly to blame for this situation. We see-saw back and forth from whatever political party has been profiting off their power, leaving millions living oppressed lives and destroying the earth in the name of industry; to another political party that will profit off their power, leave us oppressed and continue to destroy the earth, selling us “new” policies with the best marketing bullshit there is.

To resist means we have to stop ceding our strength to these institutions. Instead, we need to build networks to meet our needs directly and defend ourselves against everyone who wants to rule us. The only way to freedom and equality is through self-determination, mutual aid, and collective resistance.

It is our duty not to remain a sum of unaffiliated individualities who meekly obey the plans of the State and the bosses; not to succumb to their cock-and-bull stories about salvation and security, about prosperity and change that they use in order to maintain their domination.

With self-organisation in every workplace, in the streets and the neighbourhoods, struggling collectively in solidarity with one another, let our resistance become the seed for class and social liberation. We have to undertake immediate initiatives to create communities of struggle everywhere—opening spaces and social centers, organising discussions and autonomous demonstrations, liberating public spaces, breaking through apathy and isolation, producing free food, shelter, and culture for all. We have to think freedom and enact emancipation.

(via Running Wild)

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