Athens, Greece: “You Are An Anarchist, Therefore You Are A Terrorist As Well”


On November 29, 2017, in the Korydallos prison court, started the trial on 2nd degree (appeal court) of the comrades Argyris Dalios, Giannis Michailides, Dimitris Politis, Nikos Romanos and Gerasimos Tsakalos (member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire). The accusations were bank and post office expropriations, possession of ammunition, forgery, incendiary attacks, while initially (in the 1st degree) the comrades were accused of participation in the revolutionary organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, an accusation that falls under the antiterrorist law 187A.

In the 1st degree court (presiding judge Konstantinos Ganiatsos) the comrades were acquitted for the accusation of participation in the CCF, but the court claimed that they are “individual terrorists” and that their actions were of “terroristic” nature, sentencing them to many years of imprisonment.

In particular, the court decision of March, 26 sentences the comrades A. Dalios to 27 years (29 in the 1st degree), N. Romanos to 18 years (20 in the 1st degree), D. Politis to 12 years and 2 months (13 in the 1st degree), G. Michailides to 11 years (as in the 1st degree) and the CCF member, G. Tsakalos, to 5 years (as in the 1st degree). This is the first time in Greek court history that the article about “individual terrorism” is being implemented, at least on anarchists.

Specifically, the district attorney Sofia Apostolaki suggested that only being an anarchist is enough to characterize a person’s acts as “terroristic”, and that if a person is not a member of a group, they act as “lone wolves”. This interpretation of the deliberately vague anti-terrorist law 187A allows the state to accuse any anarchist of terrorism, creating a precedent of heavy accusations and long sentences for the anarchist movement. Till now the accusations for participation in a “terrorist” group were based on DNA samples, friendly and family relations, non-existing witnesses and “disappeared” elements, leading either to acquittal or to vindictive decisions, that were unexpected even for the civil justice. From now on, simply being an anarchist is enough of an “element” to lead to condemnation. A simple district attorney motion is enough to target the anarchist movement in total as the “internal enemy” and condemn our comrades to long sentences.

At the same time fascists, mafia members, businessmen and shipping magnates are treated favorably by the state and the law, everyone that struggles against them and the values they represent, against all kinds of oppression, are lead to the dungeons of civil democracy because of their political identity.
The gravity of this precedent, which the state attempts to establish, concerns us all, all members of the movement, who choose to act outside the framework of civil law and attack the state and its mechanisms. It concerns everyone who does not stand indifferent in the face of the capitalistic brutality and with solidarity and comradeship chooses the side of the oppressed. In this time of intense inter-systemic shocks, amidst scandals, memoranda, thousands of forthcoming foreclosure auctions and the total devaluation of our lives, this particular trial decision is a message to all who choose the difficult but necessary road of revolutionary action. A message that we, the anarchist movement, must reverse.

(Text / translation based on this call to action that appeared on Athens Indymedia, translated by Antifa Bulgaria)

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Chile: Poster in Memory of the Compañeras Norma Vergara and Claudia López (Eng/Esp)


Received and translated by Insurrection News on 26.03.18:

(as a minimum gesture of solidarity we have printed posters in memory of the compañeras Norma Vergara and Claudia López)


Norma Vergara was killed by the bullets of the DIPOLCAR (Directorate of Police Intelligence of Carabineros) on March 26th, 1993. She had decided to fight repressive apparatuses of the State and she fought clandestinely in the Lautaro Rebel and Popular Forces. Claudia López, fighting hooded in the town of La Pincoya was killed by police bullets on September 11, 1998.

Both were murdered by the defenders of authority, even in different dynamics of confrontation, they both chose confrontation, breaking their contexts and their secondary roles imposed socially on women. We remember the compañeras and their decision to fight, in a confrontation without truce against the State, its guardians and false critics.

We are united with this will of war, that breaks molds, stereotypes, that combats the call to resignation, which participates in and generates actions against authority, its fire does not go out…

…in March, 25 years after the death of Norma Vergara…
…in September, 20 years after the death of Claudia López…



(Como un mínimo gesto de memoria hemos impreso afiches en recuerdo de las compañeras Norma Vergara y Claudia López)


Norma Vergara es asesinada por las balas de la DIPOLCAR el 26 de marzo de 1993. Habia decidido combatir a los aparatos represivos del Estado y luchaba clandestina en las Fuerzas Rebeldes y Populares Lautaro. Claudia López, luchando encapuchada en la Población La Pincoya es asesinada por las balas policiales el 11 de septiembre de 1998.

Ambas fueron asesinadas por los defensores de la autoridad, aún en diferentes dinámicas de confrontación, las dos eligieron el
enfrentamiento, romper sus contextos y los roles secundarios impuestos socialmente a las mujeres. Recordamos a las compañeras rescatando su decisión de combatir, en un enfrentamiento sin tregua contra el Estado, sus custodios y falsos críticos.

Nos hermanamos con esta voluntad de guerra, que rompe moldes,
estereotipos, que combate el llamado a la resignación, que participa y genera acciones contra la autoridad, su fuego no se apaga…

…en marzo a 25 años de la muerte de Norma Vergara…
…en septiembre a 20 años de la muerte de Claudia López…



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France: Statements to the Court from 2 Forest Defenders who were Remanded Following the Bois Lejuc Eviction


Received on 26.03.18:

February 22nd, eviction of Bois Lejuc: The cops processed 32 people for identity control. Five people were taken to the remand centre for different reasons including outrage and rebellion (refusing arrest), of these 1 person was let out directly, 4 others were released 24 hours later. They will have a court date on June 12th.

2 other people were also arrested, taken to remand and refused an immediate trial (this tactic means people have a chance to build up their defense before the court case) they were both held in prison until their court date, Monday March 19th.

Following are statements they made in court on Monday, as well as their penalties.

Declaration of L. (sentenced to 4 months suspended prison sentence): for resisting arrest and refusing to give identity upon her arrest (DNA, fingerprints, photo, name).

Friends, family and those I have been thinking of, I feel detached from all identity. No offence to the judge and to his “god”, I am a multiformed being and a complex reality and therefore irreducible to this artifice.

As you know the root of this word is also idem, identical. No identity can fix me because I am of a reality alive and moving, INDISCERNABLE.

I defend myself in the eyes of an instutution of which I reject the authority. In one act, I refine my perceptions by referring to my own criteria, my experience, my critical sense.

We find ourselves here (and I think I don’t make a mistake in saying this) because we are searching permanently for the source of happiness and beauty.

Beacause we share an intelligent, sensitive and subtle link to the world.

And when this conection is brutal, insensitive, it becomes a filthy pile that we are determined to spread out.

Declaration of Cristal Antem (sentenced to 3 months prison): for participating in a group that came together to commit acts of violence against people or for destruction or degradation of public material.

My name is Cristal Antem, Cryz for those close to me. I have no other identity to give.

I represent nobody but myself. Nobody can represent me.

They asked me if I wished to be judged today. Ok, do it. But I won’t participate in this judgement.

I reject all codes/ norms/ rules/ roles of this spectacle. I won’t be an actor nor collaborator; martyr nor victim; guilty or innocent.

I hope that my friends understand that I make this choice to remain myself. That they won’t be upset at me for my unprepared absence that is surely too long.

I won’t submit to the control of the state.

I refuse to defend myself.

Link to original French language statements

More information in English about the struggle in Bure



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Reykjavík, Iceland: NATO Memorial Tarred and Feathered for World Afrin Day


Received on 26.03.18:

Reykjavík, Iceland
March 25th 2018

Yesterday, on World Afrin Day, a memorial for the cooperation between NATO and Russia was tarred and feathered in Reykjavík, Iceland. The memorial has, since 2002, disgraced the city’s face — a constant reminder of Iceland’s humiliating submission to superpowers and military alliances. With the silent approval of Russia and NATO, Turkey now
attempts to crush the Rojava revolution with full force — killing and displacing men, women and children. To no-one’s surprise, objections on behalf of a handful of Western states have been both weak and hollow, as they obviously care more for their friendship and liaison with fascist Erdogan than the just and egalitarian society he currently attempts to bring down. Their cowardice and spinelessness will put them and us to
everlasting shame. A memorial for the very cooperation which allows Erdogan to trespass and murder should have no secure place — neither here nor anywhere else.

Anarchist Iconoclasts, Comrades of Haukur Hilmarsson (Sahin Hosseini)

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Vienna, Austria: Angry Spontaneous Demonstration for World Afrin Day


Received on 25.03.18:

Around 100 people gathered in Vienna at 10 pm to have a 30 minutes long spontaneous, angry and wild demonstration on the international solidarity day for Afrin. The demonstration was an expression of the rage and anger against the occupation of Afrin by NATO, the Turkish army, IS-fascists and other allies. The front banner said ‘Fight4Afrin’. Loud slogans were chanted through the streets, like ‘Biji Berxwedane Efrine’ (Long live the Resistance of Afrin`, ‘Ueberall Efrin, Ueberall Widerstand’ (Everywhere Afrin, Everywhere Resistance), ‘Solidaritaet heisst Widerstand, Kampf dem Faschismus in jedem Land’ (Solidarity means resistance, fighting against fascism in each country) or ‘Alerta, Alerta Antifascista’. There was a lot of different pyrotechnic material used. The demonstration caused a lot of attention and left its traces in the neighbourhood, an area that is well known for organized fascists and nationalists from various origins, not only from Austria but also many Turkish fascist groups. During the demonstration there were several streets blockaded, repressive and capitalist symbols attacked – shop windows and a police car smashed, windows of the car shattered. The demonstrators vanished before the cops arrived and as far at is known noone could be arrested by the cowards.

The demonstration took place in a part of Vienna were the MHP and AKP are especially strong among the citizens and own and support a lot of the infrastructure. Therefore it has been an important antifascist action and showed that active solidarity is a powerful step to interconnect the local struggle against fascism in Austria with the international struggles for freedom in Rojava and beyond.

To resist means to break the apathy! To witness how comrades are falling everyday in the fight against Islamist facist groups, forces us to take action and take our solidarity with the people in northern Syria to the streets.

We will continue to fight together against fascism in Turkey, northern Syria and Austria everyday!

Everywhere Efrin, Everywhere Resistance!

Some hooded kids in solidarity with fallen comrades.

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Afrin Is Not Defeated! (Video)

Received on 24.03.18:

Compilation of video messages for World Afrin Day in solidarity with Afrin from revolutionary organizations around the world.

Afrin Is Not Defeated! Long Live The Rojava Revolution! Fight4Afrin! 

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Berlin, Germany: Invitation to Discussion and Chaos Days, May 10-13, 2018 (Video)

Received on 25.03.18:

Between the 10th and 13th of May the Chaos- and Discussion days are taking place in Berlin. Quite a few things are already being planned. Until now there has been an open Meeting for the preparation taking place in Fischladen, Rigaerstrasse 83 every Wednesday at 6pm. With this plenary assembly we hope to put the concept up to public scrutiny and discussion. Additionally we would like to evaluate if such a plenary assembly can function as a coordination platform for more people who autonomously organize things decentrally following the Do-It-Yourself principle.

All groups and individuals are invited to join the discussion on how we want to shape these four days.

More info: (German) (English)


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