Scotland: Nuclear Warhead Convoy Stopped by Faslane Peace Campers

Received on 24.03.17:

Yesterday evening at approximately 5.40pm, Peace Campers managed to bring the Nuclear Warhead Convoy to a full stop (again) on the A817, Haul Road, about a kilometre north of HMNB Clyde.

MoD police with sidearms and tasers were quick to react and as a helicopter circled above, the activists managed to leave without any arrests being made. The convoy moved off after a few minutes and is currently at RNAD (Royal Naval Armament Depot) Coulport .

This action took place at very short notice thanks to nukewatchers alertness and accurate location reports, and the Peace Campers rapid response.

Whilst we at Peace Camp have gotten somewhat used to the threat of imminent nuclear destruction (living in Tridents shadow at one of many potential “Ground Zero” locations) we strongly suspect that most people are unaware of the danger they unwittingly face as nuclear warheads pass close by them.

The very existence of nuclear warheads is bad enough, but to transport them by road past and through major population centres is beyond belief. Within a few kilometres of five potential accident sites in Birmingham, Preston, Wetherby, Newcastle and Glasgow for example, there are a total of 2.8 million people who could be at risk. There are also 1,181 schools, 131 railway stations, 56 hospitals, 47 major roads, 12 universities and three airports. They are all potentially vulnerable to the after-effects of a convoy accident.

Throughout the country, hundreds more communities and millions more people who live along or near the convoy routes are also at risk. Yet they get no warnings, have never agreed to accept the dangers and are essentially unaware that these deadly convoys pass close by their homes and workplaces.

Furthermore, the “MoD has confessed to eight real accidents involving nuclear weapons convoys between 1960 and 1991. In response to requests under freedom of information law, it has given outline details of a further 180 safety incidents that have plagued the convoy between 2000 and 2016. The convoy has crashed, broken down and got lost. Its brakes have failed, it has leaked fuel and suffered a range of other mechanical failures. Bad luck, poor weather, human error and computer software glitches have all been to blame.”

It seems to us that it is only a matter of time before a serious incident happens, the effects and repercussions of which are too complex and frightening to imagine. This is why we seek to hinder their progress and highlight the dangers and the incidence of these lethal convoys. If the UK persists in driving its warheads up and down the country – “the risk of a catastrophic accident or attack will persist. Whether the risk is tolerable is not a judgement that should be left to the MoD alone. It is one for the millions of people through whose towns and cities the convoys pass. They have the right to decide what’s tolerable – and what’s not!”

Please note that activists from Faslane Peace Camp are acutely aware of the dangers involved when taking action against a convoy – we are exceptionally careful in both the planning and execution of any and all actions – the only people we put at risk is ourselves (unlike the MoD)! We urge members of the public to refrain from taking action against these convoys (other than campaigning, etc.) due to the obvious inherent hazards  – anyone who wants to learn more about direct action can contact us through the usual channels.

Faslane Peace Camp

For more information about the convoys and their malignant cargo see:

“Nukes of Hazard: The Nuclear Bomb Convoys on Our Roads”

Warhead Assembly, Transport & Storage

“Deadly Cargo”


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Porto Alegre, Brazil: New space for Biblioteca Kaos squat (Eng/Port)

Biblioteca Kaos

Let’s occupy again!

Biblioteca Kaos (Kaos Library) has a new space!

On Sunday, March 12, we entered the house at 641 Coronel João Manoel street, near the start of the hill. The house was abandoned three years ago and it is in the middle of the historical center of Porto Alegre, it forms part of the inheritances of two of the most bourgeois families and owners of the city for centuries: Chaves Barcellos and Wallig.

We are absolutely certain that we are irritating the powerful who have already appeared to threaten us and very ludicrously invite us to be part of their alternative capitalism projects. Our answer is unanimous: we are anarchists and squatters, and we will not have any conversation with the bourgeoisie at all.

To our surprise and joy, the neighborhood fully supports the occupation because they can see that a few people have set up a space that has been unused for years. The interactions with them have had a clear attitude of solidarity and initiative not only in words but above all in action, they participated bit by bit in the cleaning of the space and supported us with their presence during some of the visits by the owners.
After the threats by the owners to throw us out with their henchmen and pit bulls, the other squatters of the city arrived to show us their solidarity and support.

At the moment we are still fighting for the space but our decision from the start is still to remain without either legal or verbal negotiation with the owners. Occupation is a subversive practice that can’t be swallowed up by real estate rules, it is an effective response to the absurd accumulation of land into the hands of a privileged few. Our determination in the face of this is clear: abandoned house, occupied house.

We send our greetings to Solidaria who face an eviction in the next few days, compas – an eviction, another occupation!! To the compas of Nadir and CCF in Greece, compas we follow! Bibliotechas (Libraries) Flecha Negra in Brazil, Sacco and Vanzetti and Sebastian Oversluij in Chile, and to all self-managed spaces in search of anarchy.

From a new space we will continue from where we have always been: in search of freedom and against all authority!

Biblioteca Anárquica Kaos.

In the next few days we will provide updates about the opening times and activities of the library.


Ocupamos de novo!

A Biblioteca Kaos tem novo espaço

O domingo 12 de março entramos na casa da Rua Coronel João Manoel 641, antes o morro da formiga. Casa que estava abandonada faz três anos, no meio do centro histórico de Porto Alegre, e que é parte das heranças de duas das famílias mais burguesas, donos da cidade faz séculos: Chaves Barcellos e Wallig.

Temos a absoluta certeza de que estamos incomodando os poderosos que já apareceram para nos ameaçar e muito risivelmente para nos convidar a ser parte dos seus projetos de capitalismo alternativo. Nossa resposta é uma só: somos ocupas, anarquistas, e com a burguesia não temos conversa nenhuma.

Para nossa surpresa e alegria, a vizinhança apoia totalmente a ocupação porque vieram que poucas pessoas arrumaram um espaço que faz anos estava sem uso. A interação com eles foi uma clara atitude de solidariedade e iniciativa não só nas palavras mas sobretudo na ação, participando pouco a pouco da limpeza do lugar e apoiando com sua presença em algumas das visitas dos donos.
Depois das ameaças dos Burgueses de nos jogar pra fora com seus capangas e pitbulls, as galera das outras okupas da cidade chegaram para nos fazer sentir sua solidariedade e ajuda.

Neste momento ainda estamos na briga pelo espaço mas nossa decisão desde o início é permanecer sem negociação, nem jurídica nem verbal com os proprietários. A ocupação é uma pratica subversiva que não pode ser engolida pelas normas de propriedade imobiliária, é a resposta efetivas à acumulação absurda da terra em mão de uns poucos privilegiados. Nossa determinação diante disto é clara: casa abandonada, casa ocupada.

Mandamos nosso salve à Solidaria que enfrentam um desalojo nestes próximos dias, compas um desalojo, outra ocupação!!! Aos compas da Nadir e CCf na Grecia, compas seguimos! Às Bibliotecas Flecha Negra na Bolivia, Sacco e Vanzetti e Sebastian Oversluij no Chile, e a todos os espaços autogestionados na procura da anarquia.

Desde um novo espaço, aqui seguimos onde sempre estivemos: na procura da liberdade e contra toda autoridade!

Biblioteca Anárquica Kaos.

Nos próximos dias difundiremos os horários e atividades da biblioteca.

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Sydney, Australia: Emergency Protest – Don’t Deport ‘Saeed’ To Danger!!

Received on 24.03.17:

Media Release

Missing Asylum Seeker

“Saeed”, a man seeking Asylum who has been detained by the Australian government for the last four years is missing. His lawyer is being denied access and he is at risk of deportation.
Saeed has been on a hunger strike for three weeks and he is in a very fragile state.

On Wednesday he was scheduled to be deported from MITA, back to his country of origin. He is fearful for his life. Between Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning there was a blockade at the gates of MITA Detention Centre in Melbourne. On Thursday, Border Force managed to sneak Saeed through the gates. It is believed that he has been transferred to Villawood detention centre.

DIBP has provided factually incorrect information to Saeed’s lawyer, Alison Battison, regarding his whereabouts. She has been denied all access to her client. Denying Saeed legal representation is both unlawful and in breach of his human rights. He is in a precarious situation and needs legal advocacy immediately.

Saeed says “Please do not deport me, I am a human being too”.

Alison Battison is available to take enquiries from journalists. Please contact Gaye 0414580851 or Sally 0429237178 for initial enquiry.

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Santiago, Chile: Street agitation for Jonny, Javier, Lambros, Nataly, Juan, Enrique & for an anarchic & combative March 29

Received and translated on 22.03.17:

With graffiti in the streets we remember our comrades and spread the anarchic agitation against power.

**Javier Recabarren, present in the struggle for animal, human and earth liberation.

*Comrade Lambros Foundas, you live on in memory and in the anarchist insurgency (A).

*March 29. To the streets with fire and memory.

*Jonny Cariqueo,  you live on in the eternal revolt against power.

*Insurrectionary solidarity with Nataly, Juan and Enrique.

March 29, to the barricades!


(Santiago, Chile) Agitación callejera por Jonny, Javier, Lambros, Nataly, Juan, Enrique y un 29 de marzo anárquico y combativo.

Con rayados callejeros recordamos a nuestrxs compañerxs propagando a la agitación anárquica contra el poder.

**Javier Recabarren, presente en la lucha por la liberación animal, humana y de la tierra.

*Compañero Lambros Foundas, vives en la memoria y en la insurgencia anarquista (A).

*29 de Marzo. A la calle con el fuego y la memoria.

*Jhonny Cariqueo, vives en la revuelta eterna contra el poder.

*Solidaridad insurrecta con Nataly, Juan y Enrique.

¡29 de marzo, a las barricadas!

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Narrm / Melbourne: Blockade at MITA refugee detention center to prevent the deportation of ‘Saeed’



Close the Camps Action Collective are blockading the MITA Detention Centre in Broadmeadows in solidarity with asylum seeker “Saeed” (not his real name).

“Saeed is weak from a hunger strike but the Department of Immigration and Border Protection intend to send him back to danger in his country of origin where he is at real risk of persecution.

“Saeed” came to Australia with his brother on the same boat. His brother’s refugee claim has been accepted but Saeed’s has been denied. The Federal court has told Saeed that the merit of his appeal cannot be heard because he took too long to put it in.

“Saeed” does not speak English and was never told that he had the right to appeal his original flawed refugee determination decision.

He says “Please do not deport me, I am human being too.”

Media contacts: Gaye 0414 580 851
Salli: 0429 237 178




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Invitation to Kongresono 3rd Anarchist Congress in Poland April 29th-May 1st


3rd Anarchist Congress

Working People’s Day

Discussions | Meetings | Lectures | Books | Art | Gigs + more

Join us in Wrocław [PL] for the 3rd Anarchist Congress and May Day celebrations!

Kongresono is a grassroots initiative – together we try to create space for meetings and discussions, encourage dialogue within the anarchist movement and strengthen contacts between its members. We strive for integration of anarchist circles and – through the exchange of experiences and mutual education – wish to introduce and promote anarchist thought and social practice in all their various shapes and forms, reaching a wide-ranging audience.
During the two-day conference we will have a chance to examine a broad spectrum of current issues and reflect on the perspective of our future activities, their goals and possibilities for action.

On 1st May we are taking to the streets to put the theory into practice through action! By returning to the original meaning and ideals that this date represents, we refer to the long tradition of workers’ movements. Although it has been over 100 years since the beginning of the struggle for such fundamental rights as 8-hour workday, they are still being breached. On that day we shall manifest workers’ pride and call for self-organisation and solidarity.

Details about the programme and venue coming soon!

For more information and updates visit us at

* The conference will be held in Polish. For non-Polish speakers we can provide whispered interpreting (Polish → English).

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Chile: Pacification and Revolt concerning ‘International Women’s Day’- An anarchic reflection (Eng/Esp)


Received and translated on 21.03.17:

When we realize the authoritarian and patriarchal nature of present-day society, we understand genders as impositions through which individuals are forced to play certain roles within the network of domination.

Certainly, this society continues to impose on those who are born as ‘women’ an inferior position to those born as ‘men’. This is why every March 8, when the ‘International Women’s Day’ is commemorated, many people, mostly women, take to the streets to express their discontent at this situation of inequality.

The most well-known historical commemoration of March 8 are the events that occurred on that day in 1908, when 146 women workers at a cotton factory in New York were burned to death in a fire caused by the bosses after the workers refused to end their sit-in protest against low wages and the infamous work conditions that they were suffering under.

It was in 1910, during an International Conference of Socialist Women, that it was proposed that March 8 be commemorated as International Women’s Day, in honor of those who carried out the first actions of women workers organizing against capitalist exploitation.

However, as has happened with other dates that have an origin linked to the conflict with the dominators, March 8 has mainly been transformed into a citizen parade where the victimistic discourses of the majority of the demonstrators combine with government attempts to make the ‘struggle for women’ an element of consensus with the rest of the population.

And so, like other commemorative milestones, March 8 has been coopted by capitalist democracies to limit questioning of the politcal / economic system and to silence the historical struggle against the exploiters and their tactics of extermination and social control.

As anti-authoritarians, we refuse to make this date a day of pacification and consensus with the state and leftist reformism, since we reject all forms of power and all impositions from the dominant sectors in our lives, preferring instead to spread the revolt against the social order and to question our own individual behaviors in order to position ourselves at war against the system of domination, its methods of control and the limits they generate in our daily lives.

Our struggle is for Total Liberation, and in it we fight against any person who tries to impose their will and power, regardless of whether this person is ‘man’ or ‘woman’, rich or poor, white or black etc. Likewise, our affinity is with with every individual who wants to break the chains of authority, regardless of their sex, race or species.

Because in this struggle we are not victims!
Because we fight against all forms of authority.
Spread anarchic action and anti-patriarchal tension everywhere!

Anarchists against the pacification of our lives

March  2017


Pacificación y revuelta en torno al “día de la mujer”. Una reflexión anárquica.

Cuando nos damos cuenta de la naturaleza autoritaria y patriarcal de la sociedad actual, entendemos los géneros como imposiciones a través de las cuales lxs individuxs somos obligadxs a reproducir ciertos roles dentro de la red de la dominación.

Ciertamente, esta sociedad continúa imponiendo a quienes nacen como “mujeres” una posición inferior a los nacidos como “hombres”.  De ahí que cada 8 de marzo, cuando se conmemora el “día de la mujer”, muchas personas, en su mayoría mujeres, salen a las calles para manifestar su descontento ante tal situación de inequidad.

La historia más conocida sobre la conmemoración del 8 de marzo hace referencia a los hechos que sucedieron en esa fecha del año 1908, donde murieron calcinadas 146 mujeres trabajadoras de la fábrica textil Cotton de Nueva York en un incendio provocado por los patrones, ante la negativa delas trabajadoras de abandonar el encierro en el que protestaban producto de los bajos salarios y las infames condiciones de trabajo que padecían.

Fue en 1910, durante un Congreso Internacional de Mujeres Socialistas, en donde se propuso que se estableciera el 8 de marzo como el Día Internacional de la Mujer, en homenaje a aquellas que llevaron adelante las primeras acciones de mujeres trabajadoras organizadas contra la explotación capitalista.

Sin embargo, como ha sucedido con otras fechas que tienen un origen ligado al conflicto con los dominadores, el 8 de marzo se ha transformado mayoritariamente en un desfile ciudadano donde los discursos victimistas de la mayoría de lxs manifestantes se combinan con los intentos de los gobiernos por hacer de “la lucha por las mujeres” un elemento de consenso con el resto de la población.

Así, al igual que otros hitos conmemorativos, el 8 de marzo ha sido recuperado por las democracias capitalistas para limitar los cuestionamientos al sistema político/económico y silenciar la lucha histórica contra los explotadores y sus tácticas de exterminio y control social.

Como antiautoritarixs, nos negamos a hacer de esta fecha un día de pacificación y de consenso con el Estado y el reformismo izquierdista, ya que negamos en nuestra vida toda forma de poder y toda imposición desde los sectores dominantes, propagando la revuelta contra el orden social autoritario y cuestionando también nuestras propias conductas individuales para posicionarnos en guerra contra el sistema de dominación, sus métodos de control y los límites que éstos generan en nuestra cotidianidad.

Nuestra lucha es por la Liberación Total, y en ella combatimos a toda persona que trate de imponernos su voluntad y poder, sea esta persona “hombre” o “mujer”, rico o pobre, blanco o negro, etc. De igual modo, nuestra afinidad está con cada individux que desee romper las cadenas de la autoridad, sin importar su sexo, raza o especie.

¡Porque en la lucha no somos víctimas!
Porque luchamos contra toda forma de autoridad.
¡Que la acción anárquica y la tensión anti-patriarcal se propaguen por todas partes!

Anárquicxs contra la pacificación de nuestras vidas.

Marzo 2017


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