France: Former Action Directe militant Jean-Marc Rouillan sentenced on appeal to 18 months on ‘apology for terrorism’ charges


Last Tuesday, Jean-Marc Rouillan, sentenced to life imprisonment in 1989 and enjoying a semi-liberty regime since 2011, was convicted on appeal by the Paris Court of Appeal for apology for terrorism on the basis of a truncated quotation about the Paris bombings. A political judgement for the former militant of ‘Action Directe‘.

In an interview for Le Ravi on 23 February 2016, Jean-Marc Rouillan mentioned the courage of the terrorists who perpetrated the attacks in Paris against Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper Cacher while condemning their acts and their ideas as reactionary: “They fought courageously. They fought in the streets of Paris, they knew there were 2,000 or 3,000 cops. Often they do not even prepare their exits because they think they will be killed before they finish the operation. The Kouachi brothers, when they were in the printing press, fought to the last bullet. We can say that we are against their reactionary ideas, we can talk about a lot of things against them, saying that it was silly to do that but not to say that they are kids or cowards.”

Immediately, the authorities, starting with Cazeneuve, who were responsible for the death of Rémi Fraisse, rallied against the former member of ‘Action Directe’, responsible for the double murder of the engineer-general of the armament René Audran (1985) and the CEO of Renault Georges Besse (1986). His distorted remarks quickly served as a pretext for condemning an extreme left that did not accept the state of emergency imposed by the government, as the repression against the demonstration organized against COP 21 shows this perfectly. However, Rouillan’s remarks are unambiguous both on the condemnation of the barbarity of acts and on the identification of the imperialist causes that produced them: “The French airforce fighting in Iraq and Syria favour Daesh. When we bomb a school, we raise 2,000 fighters for Daesh.”

Rouillan was tried on June 24, 2016 and sentenced on September 7 to eight months in prison. He had benefited from a campaign of support for the abandonment of the prosecution of Jean-Marc Rouillan and a trial on appeal. Last Tuesday, the verdict of the class justice fell and it is even more severe than at the first instance: 18 months of prison including 10 months with a reprieve and 8 months of strict conditional release, all accompanied by a fine of 1,000 euros to be paid to the French Association of Victims of Terrorism (AFVT) and a ban on commenting on the case in public.

Christian Etelin, lawyer of Jean-Marc Rouillan, denounces a “legal aberration” and a political trial. Rightly, the lawyer who will accompany the former militant of Action Directe in the court of cassation (high court), emphasizes that “It is not the facts that were judged but the individual, Jean-Marc Rouillan”. He pinpoints in passing the double standards of which Rouillan is victim by asserting: “When Éric Zemmour says the same words on television, he is not condemned.” The trial of intention against Jean-Marc Rouillan is nothing but a will on the part of the state against the former member of ‘Action Directe’. It is also a way to silence all opponents of the permanent state of emergency and the French imperialism responsible for wars and terrorism.

(via Revolution Permanente, translated by -_-)

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Ipswich, QLD, July 29: RIFFS AGAINST RACISM – Fundraiser for Anti-Fascist Action Ipswich (Australia)


Punks & Skinheads Against Bigotry presents

Free entry – Donations Collected for Anti-Fascist Action Ispswich

Sat July 29 2017 – Doors Open 6pm – Bands From 7pm

Plus guest DJ ‘MSC the Digital Selecta’

Coronation Hotel 254 Brisbane St West Ipswich

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Belgium: SMASH NATO May 24th-25th Brussels

On 24 and 25 May, most of the world’s most powerful leaders will meet to discuss war and arming at the NATO summit. Today, NATO has become the weaponized arm of defending the interests of Western great capitalism throughout the world and not a factor of security for Europe as we were sold to it in the context of Cold War. Everyone agrees already on ultra-safe and pro-militarist programs, to face terrorism our states have decided to plunge us into terror and to do terrorism abroad. Each year, in an ever-increasing curve, hundreds of millions of euros are invested in the world, and it is the competition of the great power that will have the most beautiful aircraft, the most beautiful missile launches, the biggest nuclear bomb and the most powerful mass repressive toys.

To finance death and suffering, capitalist nations are leading at least two other wars to the rest of the world. A social war is waged within each frontier to make the poorest pay both the whips that keep them to the rank of exploited but also the massacres of the populations and looting of resources of the countries they call under- developed, constituting a second devastating external economic war.

Finally, ideological warfare is waged on both sides, since childhood we are bathed in dominant messages and skull stories trying to make us swallow that there is the camp of the Gentiles and the camp of the wicked one war of the stars against evil. To support the forces of good, and to counter our fears constructed by our so-called saviours, we must submit and accept our miserable conditions of vulgar pulpits to patron or canon for certain.

It was in this unbearable context and that gloomy daily reality that the whole world could see on the internet, some time after his election, Trump’s big orange head boasting on an American channel of eating a chocolate cake with the President while ordering his army to bomb a “strategic” place in Syria, killing about fifty innocent civilians. In this surrealist story, when President Xi learned of the news, he would have warned the United States: “Listen if you killed women and children today, It’s Okay …” before resuming a Chocolate piece. This episode perfectly illustrates the fact that we are billions not worth more than vulgar crumbs to control, divide, share, eat and throw if necessary, in the eyes of the few hundred scraps forming the ruling elite capable In a word or a meal to ruin our existence to silence.

And yet, we are millions indeed not to be fooled by all this trickery. There is not a week in the world, without insurgents rising against the power of politicians or multinationals as well as its ferocious state dogs that only protect them.

This 24th of May, a great demonstration of several thousand people, unfortunately the day before the summit and not the same day, is planned in “calm” and “police supervision”. We call on all the ungovernable in Europe and elsewhere to join the antimilitarist and anti-capitalist bloc from 5 pm at the Gare du Nord. The next day, at the NATO summit, a “blockage” to disrupt as much as possible the rendezvous of the great powers is also organized by some associations. We are calling, depending on the strategic opportunities available to us, to reinforce the blockade or a series of decentralized actions.

Let us be this part of indigestible cake for those who can’t. Faceless, without power, without flags or party, let our enemies tremble so that they understand that we will wage war against them not for peace but for social justice!


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Melipilla, Chile: Explosive Attack Against the Judicial Assistance Corporation (CAJ)

via Noticias de la Guerra Social, translated by Insurrection News:

On Sunday May 14th, 2017, a loud noise shook the town of Melipilla, around 23:15 hours an explosive device detonated on Silva Chavez street on the corner of Prat in the center of Melipilla.

The target of the attack had been the Judicial Assistance Corporation (CAJ) (*note from Insurrection News – CAJ is the Chilean equivalent of Legal Aid). The glass exteriors were shattered and some security grilles were damaged as a result of the blast.

The security forces arrived quickly with personnel from the GOPE (Special Operations Group) and several police officers to provide their expertise, they determined that the explosive device would have contained black powder.

The explosive attack only resulted in material damages and in the vicinity were found several leaflets claiming responsibility for the action. In the leaflets, those responsible greet the ‘compa alejo’, the political name of José Muñoz Alcoholado, founding member of the MIR-EGP (Guerrilla Army of the Poor). ‘Alejo’ was assassinated recently in Caracas, Venezuela, while he was having lunch in a restaurant. He was ambushed by two assailants who shot him and then fled.

‘El Chico Alejo’ took part in the resistance to the dictatorship, and then decided to continue the armed struggle with the MIR-EGP in a series of bank expropriations and explosive attacks, before deciding to pursue revolutionary internationalist tasks.

In the leaflets left at the scene of the action, the text alludes to Phantom drones and other surveillance equipment used by the Chilean police during demonstrations and riots in towns in order to try to monitor and control the territory.

Also mentioned are the French ‘Daggers’, armoured tactical support vehicles purchased by the Chilean State from the French company Panhard, which also owns Renault. The 12 Daggers purchased by Chile were specially distributed for the repression in Wallmapu, blessed by the church and celebrated by all political authorities. Each vehicle weighs 5.5 tons and is able to load machine guns from 7.62mm to 12.77m, they also have a perimeter surveillance system, a firing station for their four occupants, mine shielding and reinforcements especially designed to avoid the impact of RPG7 missiles.

Text of the leaflet found at the scene of the attack:

Our direct action is and will be the continuing war against the rich, the powerful, the corrupt and their lackeys. The state-prison-capital preys on life; Murdering, killing, imprisoning, impoverishing, invading, exploiting and carrying out terrorism that is legitimized under its laws and institutions. No to their French daggers, their phantom drones, their jails and high security; No to their surveillance via the panopticon, and their walls to subvert the state of affairs.

Seek and live insurrection!



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Buenos Aires, Argentina: Against the Reform of the 24660 Law and Against All Laws


On May 5th, a street court was held outside the offices of the federal prison service (on 11 Lavalle and Corrientes). There was also a rally and banner drop outside the prison of Devoto (May 12th) in support of prisoners who began a hunger strike against the reform of law 24600, a project that aims to tighten sentences, limiting parole and probation, demanding full compliance with the sentences without any kind of concessions. Added to this are the plans for the construction of new prisons around Argentina and the transfer of prisons to outside the city.

Dozens of prison units from different areas (provincial, federal and Buenos Aires) began a hunger strike, stoppage of activities and other actions inside prisons across the country against this situation putting at risk the only thing that they have, their own bodies.

The State and its executioners, along with the media bombardment of insecurity and the same society that encourages them, allow judges to continue sentencing people to YEARS AND YEARS OF IMPRISONMENT, leading to an increase in what inevitably occurs: overcrowding, isolation, executions, searches, punishment, rape and death. Everyday routine within the prisons of democracy.

We stand in solidarity with the prisoners in struggle, beyond the differences, we always support those who do not compromise and decide to take their life into their own hands.

All confinement is torture, every prison is oppression, every struggle is a desire for freedom.

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

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Wallmapu: Mapuche Political Prisoners Reject the Representatives of the Catholic Church


Mapuche Political Prisoners of Angol Prison

We communicate the following to local and national public opinion:

During the day of Friday, May 6, 2017, the gendarmerie of the prison informed us verbally that a Jesuit commission from the Catholic Church in Cañete will be attending Angol prison from May to December of this year during visiting hours for solidarity meetings with MPPs (Mapuche Political Prisoners).

Not accepting this Jesuit commission, we are presenting our rejection by means of writing this statement to make it clear that all of the instructions that the gendarmerie are attempting to impose on the MPPs WILL NOT BE LISTENED TO LET ALONE CARRIED OUT, BECAUSE WE DO NOT TAKE HEED OF RULES OUTSIDE OF CONTEXTS.

The Catholic Church subdued and enslaved our ancestors during Spanish colonization and said that Indigenous people didn’t have any ‘souls’, we will never forget this.

At present they are complicit in the terrorism of the Chilean State, they built an Agricultural Technical School in Pailahueke on route 5 south 596 and now they have turned it into a militarized police base to persecute the Mapuche.

The Mapuche people are the ‘Moral Reserve’, so we call on the Chilean State and the Catholic Church to respect our Mapuche Cosmovisión.

Mapuche Political Prisoners:
– Gabriel Valenzuela Montoya
-Fernando Millacheo Marín
-Segundo Muñoz Marileo
-Juan Queipul Quepul
-Sergio Levinao Levinao
-Hugo Melinao Likan


May 2017

(via Publicacion Refractario, translated by Insurrection News)

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There’s Nothing Anarchist about Eco-Fascism: A Condemnation of ITS

Marchan en protesta contra la violencia de genero en la UNAM.

“When horror knocks at your door, it’s difficult to hide from. All that can be done is to breathe, gather strength, and face it….I shared news of the woman found in University City. From the first moment, I was angered and protested the criminalization of the victim. The next morning I woke up to the horror and pain that she was my relative.”
– Statement from the family of Lesvy Rivera to Mexican society

“[W]e take responsibility for the homicide of another human in University City on May 3rd….Much has emerged about that damned thing leaning lifeless on a payphone… ‘that she suffered from alcoholism, that she wasn’t a student, this and that.’ But what does it matter? She’s just another mass, just another damned human who deserved death.”
– 29th Statement of Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS)

Some things shouldn’t have to be said, but as is too often the case in this disaster of a world, that which should be most obvious often gets subsumed to the exigencies of politics, ideologies, money, emotion, or internet clicks. The purpose of this piece is to condemn the recent acts of eco-extremists in Mexico and those who cheer them on from abroad.

This critique does not aspire to alter the behavior of Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS), Individualities Tending Toward the Wild (ITS), Wild Reaction (RS), Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild (GITS), Eco-extremist Mafia, or whatever they will change their name to tomorrow. Like any other deluded, sociopathic tyrant, these individuals have declared themselves above reproach, critique, reason, or accountability. They have appointed themselves judge, jury, and executioner; the guardians and enforcers of Truth using a romanticized past to justify their actions. As absolutist authoritarians, they have constructed a theoretical framework that, while ever-shifting and inconsistent, somehow always ends with a justification for why they get to hold a knife to the throats of all of humankind. In short, they think and act like the State.

There was a discussion about ITS on an IGD podcast from last December. For those unfamiliar, ITS and its spawn of affiliated acronyms publicly emerged in 2011 as an anti-civilization grouping that blew things up and tried to kill people they didn’t like, primarily university research scientists. In early statements, they spoke of favorably of anarchism and revolution. Over the course of just a few years and various groupings and splittings, they adopted a firm stance of rejection and reaction. They disavowed anarchism, revolution, leftism, or anything related to the social or human. They proudly adopted the mantle of eco-terrorism and proclaimed their disgust for the likes of John Zerzan or Ted Kaczynski, who they previously praised.

Unsurprisingly, through their increasing isolation and reactivity, ITS has turned into just plain murderers. (Or at least they’d like you to think so.) “The human being deserves extinction” and “We position ourselves against the human being, without caring about the use of civilization to carry out our acts” is now their creed. As such, in the State of Mexico, ITS claims it went out hunting for loggers to kill, but not finding any, they decided to ambush, shoot and murder a couple on a hike on April 30th, because, “We just want it to be clear that no human being will be safe in nature.” They suggest humans should instead stay in the cities, but then claim responsibility for the May 3rd femicide of Lesvy Rivera at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, stating, “Not even in your damned cities will you be safe.” The ITS phenomenon, while beginning in Mexico, has spread throughout much of Latin America, with groups using the ITS name claiming responsibility for attacks – including attempts at the mass murder of ordinary, working-class people – in multiple countries.

Understanding what led to the creation and evolution of groups such as ITS is a topic best addressed in a separate piece. As mentioned above and in the podcast, they find their roots in the insurrectionary and anti-civilization streams of anarchism. Mexico in particular has a vibrant clandestine, direct action insurrectionary movement. Mexico is also where 99 percent of all “crimes” go unpunished, where narcos, police, military and politicians either work hand in hand or kill one another and anyone else nearby in the tens of thousands. They also team up against aboveground social movements – repression being the only language the Mexican state speaks. It is not difficult to understand, in a country being gutted by neoliberalism, where appeals to the state are met with batons and bullets, where anarchists are already blowing things up, and where everyone else with an agenda seems to be killing people and getting away with it, why a group like ITS would emerge.

Yet at the same time in Mexico, aside from a few websites, ITS and its actions have not been praised or embraced by anarchists or anyone else. This likely also contributes to the escalating violence on ITS’s part – no one really pays attention to them except to dismiss or condemn. At least one anarchist group has publicly stated its belief that ITS is a state-run operation, designed to delegitimize the broader radical movement.

It seems more likely that ITS is a genuine group that believes what it says. Whether it has actually done what it says is another matter. Some attacks have certainly occurred, but a curiously large number of ITS attacks fail or go unmentioned anywhere except in their statements. They claim this is due to the police and media conspiring to not call attention to their acts. Yet the typical insurrectionary anarchist direct action is almost always reported with precise information, photos showing the damage caused, and can be verified in corporate media reports. How ITS is so much worse than other direct action groups at carrying out direct actions is an unanswered question. That ITS killed any of the three people they recently claimed to have killed is unlikely. The statement shares no details of the killings and only includes a photo taken from Facebook. Especially with regards to the femicide of Lesvy Rivera at UNAM, ITS is likely seeking to get a free ride on the coattails of a tragedy that has generated considerable action and coverage amongst the anarchists and radicals they hate so much yet whose attention they so desperately seek.

So do we anarchists give it to them? Admittedly, even the existence of this piece is a capitulation to their attention seeking. But worse are those that promote, even implicitly, the actions of ITS. Sites such as Anarchist News, Free Radical Radio, Atassa, and Little Black Cart. The “a retweet does not constitute endorsement” excuse doesn’t fly here. As ITS says, “We’ve been warning you since the beginning.” And now they are claiming to have killed three humans simply because they were human. Will ITS fans continue to distribute the propaganda of a group that by its own admission is not only not anarchist, but proudly terroristic, rejecting of all ethics, morals, or principles of liberation? They solely exist to kill people. It should not have to be explained why such a position does not merit support. Of a less pressing matter is the way in which ITS conceives of “nature” is itself a social and civilizational construct. Their (already constantly shifting) ideological basis for murder falls apart under any real scrutiny.

Some defend the publications and discussions (or trolling, as it were) they engender because while perhaps they don’t agree with killing people, the analysis ITS presents is intellectually stimulating and worthy of consideration. If ITS did kill her, Lesvy Rivera can surely appreciate that her brutal murder was found intellectually stimulating for some. It is the peak of colonial, racist arrogance that those from the safety of their U.S. or European homes feel comfortable debating the finer points of an ideology that amounts to brown people killing other brown people. We eagerly await the publishing on these sites of ISIS or al-Qaida communiques due to their intellectually stimulating critiques of U.S. imperialism in the Middle East.

The only support ITS should be receiving from anarchists is encouragement that they practice their dedication to human extinction on themselves. Just as the fascists of ISIS are meeting a true anarchist response, the fascists of ITS should be called to task, rather than coddled.

(via It’s Going Down)


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