Bogota, Colombia: Riots around Universidad Pedagogica Blockade the Financial District for Four Hours


Received on 14.03.18:

On Tuesday, March 6th, in Bogota, Colombia, two explosions burst during the quiet of the lessons. In between the fully painted walls of this eternally leftist university, located in the middle of a financial district, the students playing on the sports field turn their heads in all directions. The sound of chattering suddenly vanishes. It is 10:30AM and the gatekeepers put their backpacks on and immediately leave the scene. Rapidly, a small group of hooded people meets the crowd, without talking. In a kind of dancing manner, without much useless noises, the students peacefully leave the playground and the encapuchadxs progressively take their place. It is quickly possible to count as many
as 50 of them, now facing the stone benches.

On the benches, a crowd interested students gather. We can hear some of them express their disagreement “it’s gonna be bad”, but they leave the spot as fast as they can. Oh the field, it is easy to see at least 3 different groups. The hoods are made from black clothing, their bodies are completely covered, even their shoes with large socks. Some of them
are completely dressed with black plastic bags. Despite the first explosions, they don’t seem to hurry. Some of them throw what seem to be little metallic balls on the wall, which explodes in an incredible BOOM. You’ve just met papas bombas, a tradition here in Colombia.

They ask the audience to be silent and begin to explain the purpose of all this. Two anarchist individuals shout their words at the benches from behind their hoods, before a feminist does the same. A trans woman in the audience then speaks too, after asking to interrupt an anarchist’s speech. She says that what is going to happen is very good,
but the struggle also takes place in our day-to-day life, that for women, gays and lesbians, and trans, we have to fight against all aspects of oppression. The encapuchadxs and the audience applaud loudly. During the speeches, several encapuchadxs distribute leaflets with political content, including anarchism and feminism (with calls for the March 8th march). Then it is the time for the FARC dissidents to talk. The FARC, the well known 50 years old Colombian guerilla group, finalized a peace agreement with the Colombian state a couple of years ago. Some of the encapuchadxs we can see, well marked with their black and yellow armbands, are dissidents from this group. But as soon as they
start to talk, a loud siren sounds and they abort their speech, which made us smile as anti-authoritarian individuals. The students and the encapuchadxs then take their places at the gates of the university. Lots of people mask their faces and gather rocks and empty bottles. The ESMAD, the anti-riot police, can be seen through the bars of the university, slowly deploying around the university, as the encapuchadxs go out, their hands full of papas bombas. The confrontation begins, the cops respond to the powerful bombs with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Some of the encapuchadxs go out of the buildings to attack either Davivienda, a large Colombian bank, or a big Renault shop. Renault is a big French car manufacturer. Seeing their windows shattering, we had thoughts for comrades imprisoned in France since the recent social movements [1]. Some rebels also break billboards around the university,
and spray paint some anarchist graffitis (Rabia y solidaridad (A) ; ¡Arriba el tropel! ; Tombos = bastardos ; (A)-K Anarchistas al Kombate).

As more and more cops arrive, they try to come closer to the gates of the university, but could never really surround the campus. Two or more police trucks with water cannons were seen too, throwing gas canisters inside the university. Inside the gates, people light little fires to inhale the fumes and heal the effects of the gas. They also breathe
rosemary branches for the same reasons. Others throw molotov cocktails or papas bombas at the trucks. Outside it is complete chaos. The cops are physically blocking a huge crowd of spectators who seem to be very friendly with the savage students who fight the police, shouting to warn them when the truck or police motocycles are coming.

An important fact to notice is that in Colombia, the police is not allowed to enter universities, and even stranger, they seem to respect this rule. This is probably the reason why the riot could last for hours without any of both sides being really able to move forward.

A sad event though occured at the end of the riot. A loud explosion could be heared and 3 or 4 students were severely injured, probably by an artisanal explosive device (papas bombas). It seem that some of them have lost either an eye or a hand. They were sent to the hospitals. We strongly express our solidarity with these injured comrades.

After this riot, which was the second one in less than one month at this university, we can read in the newspapers that all politicians from right to left call to cease those protests and to change the law to make it possible for the cops to enter universities. The whole campus was shut down for one week to conduct investigations. Despite this classical conservative backlash, some voices, even from workers union at the
university, have expressed their solidarity with the events and with those injured.

In Colombia, the anarchist offensive movement is alive and well, and the will to express radical ideas in radical ways is definitely palpable.

For anarchy. For chaos.

        some anarchists

[1] Specifically, we talk about the prisoners of the anti-labour law movement of 2016, some of them still in jail, and some people in prison after the eviction of the Bois Lejuc, an occupied zone in struggle against a big project to bury nuclear waste in eastern France.

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Berlin, Germany: #Fight4Afrin – Commerzbank Branch Attacked


In solidarity with the Kurds fighting in Afrin, last night we broke the windows of the Commerzbank branch at Tierpark in Lichtenburg with rocks. In addition a message was painted on the facade (the bank removed it).

The Commerzbank finances, among other things, the production of the Leopard 2 tank and other weapons with which the Turkish army massacres the Kurdish movement. And so, the terror against one of the strongest feminist struggles of our time is explicity supported. The responsibility of the Lichtenberg branch can not be dismissed. There is no quiet hinterland for the profiteers.

Every say is a day of women’s struggle – solidarity with women in resistance. Bring the war to the streets of Europe.

(via Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

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Hamburg, Germany: #Fight4Afrin – Attack Against a Supermarket that Sponsored a Grey Wolves Event



During the night of the 11th to 12th of March we attacked the Adese Market in Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg near the Wilhelmsburg train station. The supermart sponsored the Grey Wolves event in Wilhemsburg last week. This action is a signal against the attack of the Turkish State and its militia against the free canton of Afrin.

We join the campaign ‘fight4afrin’ in response to the call from autonomous groups for militant and creative actions.

Autonomous Group

(via Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

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In Memory of Lambros Foundas, Killed by the Cops on 10.03.2010 in Athens (Eng/Esp)


In life thunder

Charged with

genuine anguish for the choices, the tomorrow, the comrades, the struggle.

With sharp thoughts, forged in the bowels of personal labour and the movement.

With decisive acts, firm, flaming.

You showed with your life that the way of the revolutionary is to say little, to act with rage and devotion. With rage and conscience.

In your memory fists tighten…

Tears become weapons…

And the old Case becomes more imperative.

And in death a wolf


breath was enough for you, one decision and the iron will.

With the weapon in your hand and freedom in your eyes you chased your dreams to the end.

As you lived, this is how you left. Wild and free.

When revolutionaries die

they are not lost

They ride a star and draw courses of freedom in the indefinite.

They draw with their blood what each one of us dreams but is afraid to dare.

They are fireflies in the darkness of inertia.

They are the fire, the struggle, the street.

Lets all take the fire from their fire…

lets not forget – lets act.

Honour to anarchist

Lambros Foundas

The struggle continues.

(via Act For Freedom Now!)


En memoria de Lambros Foundas, asesinado por la policía el 3/3/2010 en Atenas.

[Traducido por Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras desde Actforfreedom]

En la vida trueno

Acusado de genuina angustia por las elecciones, el mañana, lXs
compañerXs, la lucha.

Con pensamientos agudos, forjado en las entrañas del trabajo personal y el movimiento.

Con actos decisivos, firmes, en llamas.

Demostraste con tu vida que el camino del revolucionario es decir poco, actuar con furia y devoción. Con rabia y conciencia.

En tu memoria, apretamos los puños …

Las lágrimas se convierten en armas …

Y el viejo caso se vuelve más imperativo.

Y en la muerte un lobo

Uno la respiración fue suficiente para ti, una decisión y la voluntad de hierro.

Con el arma en tu mano y la libertad en tus ojos perseguiste tus sueños hasta el final.

Como vivías, así es como te fuiste.

Salvaje y libre.

Cuando lxs revolucionarixs mueren no están perdidxs

Montan una estrella y dibujan cursos de libertad en lo indefinido.

Dibujan con su sangre lo que cada unx de nosotrxs sueña pero tiene miedo de atreverse.

Son luciérnagas en la oscuridad de la inercia.

Ellxs son el fuego, la lucha, la calle.

Permite que todxs saquen el fuego de su fuego …

no lo olvidemos, actuemos.

Honor al anarquista

Lambros Foundas

La lucha continúa.

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Turin, Italy: Attack Against Military Contractor Leonardo-Finmecanica in Solidarity with Afrin


“Just came back from a month on the front. Hell is nothing, I’m falling apart. We’ve been attacked by the Kobra. A nightmare. Tell it. Speak about Italian helicopters who kill civilians and comrades. I saw with my eyes the jihadis use Katyusha A4, a weapon of NATO”. – An Italian YPG fighter

For more than 50 days, the region of Afrin, in northern Syria, suffers the fascist attack of Turkey’s Erdogan together with the jihadist groups of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. During this new genocide campaign, Turkey is deliberately bombing hundreds of thousands of civilians while Islamist mercenaries and Turkish soldiers leave a trail of devastation, looting, rape and murder, practicing ethnic cleansing.

At the moment, almost 300 civilians have been brutally killed (including women and children) while the injured amount to over 700 people.

At the same time, hundreds of Kurdish women and men, the same hypocritically praised by the West in Kobane and Raqqa liberation war against ISIS, fight and die street by street.
Despite the great resistance put by YPG / YPJ, in recent days Turkish soldiers and Jhiadist militias have arrived at the gates of the city of Afrin, besieging it and condemning to the massacre the hundreds of thousands of people, inhabitants and refugees, who are living in the city.

This is made possible by the massive use of modern NATO technology, such as war planes, artillery, tanks and drones, and especially by the complicit silence of European governments, Russia and the United States.

For this reason, on the night of 12.03.2018, some solidarity activist with Afrin’s resistance, burned the warplane in front of the Turin-based factory of Leonardo-Finmecanica.

Leonardo is the Italian company with more economic interests in the military defense system, collaborating with the Erdogan militias in the development of surveillance systems for the coasts and maritime borders, armaments, helicopters and radar systems.

Italy plays a leading role in the massacre that is taking place in Afrin.

The Augusta Westland AW-129 helicopters are light multi-role attack helicopters, produced under license from Leonardo, the same helicopters films in recent weeks to shoot indiscriminately on areas inhabited by civilians.

We do not want to remain silent to watch.
We do not want to be accomplices of this massacre.
We will not leave the people of northern Syria and the Afrin population alone.
The accomplices and responsible for this war are (also) in Europe, remember that they are murderers and that there is no peace for those who make war.

# Fight4Afrin

Long live Afrin’s resistance
Everywhere Afrin, Everywhere Resistance.

(via #Fight4Afrin)

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Italy: Update on the Anarchist Comrades Imprisoned from ‘Operation Scripta Manent’ (Eng/Esp)


12.03.18:  All the defendants who are able to attend the hearings have expressed a desire to see a possible solidarity presence in the courtroom.

Marco has attended some of the last hearings, but he doesn’t know whether he will attend or not the next ones, since lately he is attending alone.

Anna obtained the permit to attend the hearings of 7th and 8th, therefore we CALL FOR A SOLIDARITY PRESENCE IN COURTROOM to give them a sign of closeness and support.

For all we know, Danilo, Alfredo and Anna get their mail regularly. They are fine and in high spirit.

Valentina is under house arrest, with all the restrictions, she can meet just few family members.

Soon an e-mail address will be available to ask for additional information about the case.

(via Act For Freedom Now!)


Anarchist comrade Marco Bisesti tells us that he’ll be present at all the hearings [of the trial]. The next hearings will take place as follows:
MARCH: 1-7-8-15-22-28
APRIL: 12-18-19
MAY: 2-3-9-10-17-23-24-30-31
JUNE: 6-7-14-15-20-21
JULY: 4-5-11-12-18-19-25-26

(via Act For Freedom Now!)


(Italia) Actualización sobre lxs compañerxs prisionerxs por la operación “Scripta Manent”.

[Traducido por Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras desde Actforfreedom]

Todxs lxs compañerxs acusadxs que pueden asistir a las audiencias han expresado su deseo de ver una posible presencia solidaria en el tribunal.

Marco ha asistido a algunas de las últimas audiencias, pero no sabe si asistirá o no a las próximas, ya que últimamente asiste solo.

Anna obtuvo el permiso para asistir a las audiencias 7ª y 8ª, por lo tanto, SOLICITAMOS PRESENCIA SOLIDARIA EN EL TRIBUNAL para darles una señal de cercanía y apoyo.

Por lo que sabemos, Danilo, Alfredo y Anna reciben su correo
regularmente. Están bien y con gran espíritu.

Valentina está bajo arresto domiciliario, con todas las restricciones, puede ver solo a unos pocos familiares.
El compañero Marco Bisesti nos dice que estará presente en todas las audiencias del juicio.

Las próximas audiencias se llevarán a cabo de la siguiente manera:
MARZO: días 1-7-8-15-22-28
ABRIL: días 12-18-19
MAYO: días 2-3-9-10-17-23-24-30-31
JUNIO: días 6-7-14-15-20-21
JULIO: días 4-5-11-12-18-19-25-26

Pronto una dirección de correo electrónico estará disponible para solicitar información adicional sobre el caso.







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Athens, Greece: Riot Police Invades and Attacks Three Squats (Video)

At the dawn of Monday, March 12, at about 6 am, scores of riot policemen invaded and attacked simultaneously three Squats in Athens, Greece (Matrozou 45 at Koukaki, Gare and Zaimi Squats at Exarcheia) in an attempt to distract attention from the government’s brutal economic policies that force people into absolute poverty.

At least 11 people have been taken into custody folowing the police attack with asphyxiating gas and flash bang grenades. They have been charged and and tommorow Tuesday March 13th are expected to appear in court.

(via Perseus999)

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